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There are plenty of rappers I cannot stand. But topping that list might be The Game. After watching him dog his long-time girlfriend out, talk to and about women any kind of way, including some particularly disgusting musings on Erykah Badu, and instruct his entourage to push a woman off the stage when she refused to show him her breasts and spitting on another woman from his spot in VIP, I just have nothing left for him.

Suffice it to say, The Game does not like women, not really.

Still, every once in a while he’ll do something exclusively for the ladies. We all remember those d-ck pictures and the nasty hashtags that came with them. Being that I’m not a fan, I looked but was unfazed. And then when he persisted, I realized that this was more about thirst than it was about trying to do something nice for the women he’s so often belittled.

We shouldn’t be surprised really, The Game has shown us time and time again that he’s not really for us…even when he’s pretending to be.

It happened again.

Today, he posted this on his Instagram, account.


Before he issues a compliment to one set of women, he takes the time to berate “the others,” calling out Insta-famous, 1/2 clothed, poke my butt out, selfie taking for attention women. And that’s the short version.

If I didn’t know any better I would swear The Game was talking about himself. Let’s just be honest, these days we know The Game more for his reality show shenanigans (He knew he had no intention of marrying that Tiffney.) his clapback game on social media and the pictures he posts of his penis print. That’s it. So the fact he wants to talk about half-clothed attention-seeking is laughable. Not to mention the fact that the little cartoon characters are also naked.

Then, he turns his attention to the “good women.” The lawyers and teachers who are educated and achieving their dreams. As if someone with a college degree just couldn’t be shallow, half naked and attention seeking.

But aside from that, there’s the fact that The Game himself had one of these so-called good ones. Tiffney Cambridge, his former fiancée and mother of his children, was a teacher herself. And taking her through season after season of a tv show where he only claimed he was going to marry her and allegations of abuse, The Game did anything but crown her.

All of this is yet another way men like to blow smoke up our a–es, so they can control us with these impossible-to-reach standards. The notion is that if we can check off all of the listed requirements then surely we’ll get the title, the ring, the crown or hell, maybe even something radical like respect. But ask Tiffney how that worked out for her…and she took it a step further by giving The Game two beautiful children.

And Tiffney is not the only one. Before her, there was Valeisha Butterfield, the daughter of a Congressman. Butterfield is a author activist and political strategist. She was voted one Essence’s top 40 executives under 40. And how did The Game treat her? None of us can really say but the two called off their engagement in 2006. The first of his three children was born during their relationship in 2003.

So, while over 90 thousand people liked this post and women were thanking him all up and down the comment section, I would advise y’all to beware of The Game and men like him who love to tell women how to live their lives, as if they’ve figured out the answer to be a good woman in this world.

Boy, bye.

Put some clothes on and figure out your own situation before you try to criticize and crown women through Instagram but not through action.

Update: And if you need any more evidence of his lunacy, check out how he responded to this very civil critique of his Instagram post.

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