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You may know women are often in the mood on their periods, or after a little dark chocolate, but if you’re a man in a relationship and pay close attention, you’ll notice something more. Here are odd times women are always in the mood.

After girls’ night

You can almost guarantee we’ve been bragging about you all night and hearing horror stories about dating from our single friends. When we get home, we’re in the mood.

After shaving

We want you to enjoy fully a freshly shaved va-jay-jay. We didn’t put all of this work in so you would just get in there during the five o’clock shadow.

After a bad dream

If we just had a dream in which we lost our loved ones, including you, or something scary happened, we wake up in the mood. Call it a seize the moment kind of thing.

You helped our inner circle

After you’ve helped our mom move boxes all day or our best friend update her resume, we’re in the mood.

After crying

Crying is such a release! And once we’ve done one thing that’s a release, we want to do another thing that’s a release.

Being in heels

Shortly after we’ve put them on, we want to take them off. It probably has something to do with the fact that when we’re in heels, you’re in some adorable suit or cardigan. We always want to get it on when we’re getting ready!

When you got mad

Not at us, of course. But when we see you stand up for yourself to somebody, or we see you get worked up about a subject you’re passionate about, we’re in the mood.

When you’ve been creative

Do you play the piano? Make origami out of apple peelings? Whatever your creative thing is, when you do it, we’re in the mood.

After a great night’s sleep

It’s not odd, necessarily, but you can guarantee we are not in the mood after a bad night’s sleep.

After a sex scene

We get jealous when people on the screen are getting it on, but we’re not.


Whether it’s rainfall, that first snowfall, or a little thunder, we’re down.

When other women compliment you

When our friends point out how sweet or loyal or funny you are, we want to claim you…UH! I mean, reward you.

Being hit on

We may complain about guys hitting on us at bars, but they do boost our confidence. Next, we want to come home and use that confidence on you!

Tiny underwear

When we’re wearing tiny underwear all day, every time we go to the bathroom and see it, we imagine you seeing it. This gets us in the mood.

Being all clean

In some ways, we never grow up: we just want to romp around after taking a nice long bath.


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