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Do any of y’all have that one ex who stays checking for you just so he can catch you slipping? Well Halle Berry has two — at least — and their names are David Justice and Eric Benet.

Last night David had a field day going in on Halle and her latest marital issues on Twitter. While initially David seemed to only be attempting to clear his name of domestic violence rumors (though I still don’t see why he wouldn’t put out a formal statement for that) it wasn’t long before he got downright messy, accusing Halle of dirtying all of her ex’s names.

Not once has Halle Berry stated David Justice was the ex who abused her. Perhaps she didn’t do her ex-husband any favors but not saying the abuser wasn’t him, but once Christopher Williams outed Wesley Snipes as the culprit (just as David did with those silly parenthetical “WS” asides) everyone accepted the actor as the abuser and essentially moved on. It sounds like David’s issue should be with the media for reporting incorrect facts, not the woman he hasn’t been in a relationship with since ’97. Also, D, you were a #formerhusband not boyfriend — a former husband whom Halle had to seek a restraining order against. Maybe that’s why people think you’re the man that left her deaf in one ear.

As if this twitter saga wasn’t enough, in came Eric Benet this morning, cosigning the foolishness, with the following back and forth with David.

Eric has been sketchy ever since he claimed to have a sex addition — and then didn’t. Whether one applies a clinical term to stepping out (repeatedly) or not, Eric still appears to have been unfaithful, so unless he’s going to discuss that truth, it’s probably best not to open his mouth at all.

Olivier has yet to speak for himself in this divorce saga but given the damage we already know he can do, as evidenced by the number he did on Halle’s ex, Gabriel Aubry’s, face we don’t have to look too deep to see he might have anger issues. The paparazzi can also attest to that.

The bottom line is no one is blameless when it comes to the demise of a relationship but this immature, and very public, banter between Eric and David right now simply serves to fuel the sexist, biased, and unfounded claims that Halle Berry is some crazy nut who destroys every man who comes across her path. (And yet the Kardashians live on in untainted glory, but I digress.) Both of these men have been separated from Halle for too long to be having this bitter bromance bonding moment on social media. The only reason either is even being talked about right now is because Halle’s going through a divorce; otherwise they both remain pretty irrelevant. I wouldn’t want my name associated with my ex for the rest of my life either, but that’s the price you pay when you get involved in a high-profile relationship and both knew the cost before they decided to walk down the aisle. Seeing as though it’s been nearly 20 years since the end of their marriage for David and 10 for Eric, both only need to do one thing: get over it.

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