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So you’re a new natural and you’re ready to gain instant volume and length. Or, you’re an oldie but a goodie at this natural hair game, and you want a protective style that isn’t a perpetual bun or braid variation. Or, maybe you just want to try a perfect halo of natural coils before completely letting go of the relaxer. No worries. You can achieve all this by making your own crochet wig with natural textured braided hair.

Whether it’s a U-part wig or a full cap–any variation will work, really. You can use a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to gather your supplies, construct your new best friend, and have brand new hair to rock on Monday morning. (Of course, it’s imperative that you name your wig something sassy like Mirage or Emerald.)

This crochet wig technique is making its way around the YouTube hair community. Here’s how to make your own:

You will need these items:

  • A crochet latch hook
  • Weaving caps in a color that match the hair
  • 3-5 packs of soft bulk twist or synthetic braid hair
  • A foam wig head
  • Push pins or T-pins

Simple, right? Now it’s time to start making your new wig.

First, place both weaving caps onto your foam wig head and pin them into place using your push pins.

WIG HACK: You don’t have to use two caps, but doubling up helps support the weight of the hair.

Separate your braid or twist hair into strands before you begin constructing your wig. It will help you work faster.

WIG HACK: Try combining two complimentary textures from the same brand for a more natural look. (Of course, you will need to separate the strands and blend once completed.)

Starting near the nape area of the foam head, push the crochet latch hook through 3-5 holes.

WIG HACK: Varying the number of holes you latch through creates a wig with more volume and bounce.

Insert a strand of the hair through the hook, pulling downward back through the same holes. This will create a loop. Then put your thumb and index finger through the loop, grabbing the lengths of the hair to pull them down through the loop of hair. Make sure the knot part of the loop is underneath the strand to create a smoother base of hair.

WIG HACK: As you get closer to the front perimeter and the parting area, loop thinner strands using the invisible knot method. This means pulling only one end of the length of the strand through the loop instead of both.

Continue with crocheting the hair through the weave cap holes until you’ve completed the process and your wig is as full as you like. Try on the wig as you go along to better judge the fullness of the hair. (But by all means, get all the way into Diana Ross mode with the volume.)

Once your wig is complete, fluff out the hair by separating the strands. Brush a few to purposely frizz the hair for a more natural textured look. If you’re going for a uniform twist out style, leave the hair as is, but separate strands to cover any netting.

Confused? Here are two short but good tutorials explaining the crochet wig process: How I Made My Crochet Wig and The Fastest Crochet Wig I’ve Ever Done.

Crochet wigs are a fly style choice, whether it’s for protective purposes or simply something fun to wear on a whim. You can cover your own hair, but still feel like you’re owning your signature look. Plus, it’s like having a permanent twist out depending on the hair texture you choose.

If you need to revive a sad, droopy wig, you can! Just brush out the hair carefully so you don’t snatch it out of the knot. Then wind the strands around perm rods in varying sizes and dip the hair in boiling water to set the curl.

With a crochet wig, you can have the fluffy hair of your dreams any day you choose.


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