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It’s not often that celebrities let us inside their world, sure the paparazzi show them in some ordinary (or compromising) positions and they may occasionally share a personal detail or two in an interview; but rarely do celebrities bring the realness. Sharing their pain, their joy showing the world their authentic selves…as far as we can tell. While we understand and respect the need for celebrities to have privacy we appreciate the ones who aren’t scared to let people see them. Check it out.

Wendy Williams
Whether you love Wendy or could really do without her, you can’t deny the woman is real. From the silly stuff like her boob job and the wigs to her opinions and former drug habit, Wendy is never afraid to share. Remember when Wendy shared a picture of her swollen feet after her Dancing with the Stars rehearsal?

Patti LaBelle
Ms. Patti is a trip and one of the realest to ever do it. You know when she performs, you’re in for treat, she’s going to give you her heart on stage and maybe even a shoe or two if she’s really feeling it. On top of her incredible musical talent Ms. LaBelle keeps it real in her interviews and appearances, being honest about her relationships, her health and calling people out when need be.

Jill Scott
Wonder why so many women swear by Jill Scott? It’s because the sister sings and writes to our experiences. She puts herself out there, If you’ve heard her new album, you know “Hear My Call” is one of those moments where Jill gives us a peak into a woman who’s scared, confused but strong enough to ask for help and press on. We can all relate to that.

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou has been speaking to generations of men and women for years now. Her candid retelling of her childhood, including her molestation to her stint as a brothel madam, Maya never shied away from accurately and poetically detailing the human experience, starting with her own. Even though Maya has gotten on in years she’s still spicy as ever. Did you hear how she compared cooking and serving a meal to the intimacy of sex?

Terry McMillan
Terry McMillan has been writing to the experiences of the modern black woman for years now from works like “Mama”, “Disappearing Acts” and the ever popular “Waiting to Exhale” McMillan portrayed black women in a very vulnerable, very realistic way. Aside from her novels, she’s quick to share her opinion, even if it’s not popular and let’s not forget how forthcoming she was about the disillusion of her marriage.

Whoopi Goldberg
Every time you see Whoopi, you have to be amazed at the fact that she’s achieved tremendous success doing it her way. She’s not oversexed, she’s always honest about her viewpoints and she’s not afraid to make a fool of herself. Have you seen her incontinence commercials? They’re hilarious.

Mary J. Blige
We root for Mary because the girl has been through some mess. From abusive, drug-using boyfriends to her quest to earn her GED after she’d already achieved tremendous success, Mary has let us see the real her through her music. Which is why you’ll never be hard-pressed to find fans who’ll say they prefer “I’m Going Down” Mary to “Just Fine” Mary. Either way we appreciate the fact that she’s shared herself with us all these years.

Whether you loved Oprah or hated her, you have to admit the woman let the whole country all up into her personal business. From her molestation as a child, to her unwanted pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, Oprah over shared in a way that was refreshing and inspirational to other women who may have found themselves in her shoes.

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