The Need For Constant Recognition At Work Is Getting Out Of Hand

August 31, 2015  |  

Let’s just jump right into this thing because someone needs to make a memo and send it around the office. The workplace is not like the playground, or some kindergarten class. What do I mean by that? Stop expecting participation trophies for doing what’s required of you, and stop looking for nonstop recognition.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I, like many of you, enjoy having colleagues and the higher ups acknowledge the effort I put into my craft. Aside from making me feel good, it helps reiterate I’m on the right path. There’s just a difference (at least in my career playbook) of liking and practically expecting something to happen all the time. Can you see where this might hurt productivity and make you look crazy at the same time?

A national study reveals millennials crave constant recognition in the workplace. Sure a pat on the back from time to time will make you happy — or even more satisfied with your job for that matter — but what happens when you don’t get it 24/7? Will that make you want to rip the plug from your computer and give your two-weeks notice?

Given the “commitment issues” our generation has when it comes to jobs (which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it), I wouldn’t be surprised if some were ready to jump ship because they didn’t get the attention they felt they deserved for every little thing. Fellow professionals in the millennial crew already have a target on our backs as many look at us as self-entitled and prideful individuals who expect a raise or promotion after a few month’s work. Something like this doesn’t do much to wipe away the scarlet letter from our chest.

When it comes to my hustle, I work my hardest because it makes me feel good. Yeah, I love to be thrown a bone, so to speak, from time to time (more like a filet, but whatever), but that doesn’t change the amount of heart I put into something. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel you should put all you can into a position, and not solely do things just to get recognition. What’s interesting about this study is that close to half the surveyed millennials who received a reward for their work were still disappointed because it wasn’t the type of recognition they wanted.

Girl, bye.

Do you honestly think a company (with good sense mind you) will keep an employee around who constantly needs recognition for what they do — sometimes to the extent of doing the bare minimum until they get praised for doing extra? Seriously, what does that say about your professionalism? Yes, you should think highly of yourself, but not to the point that you’re sacrificing productivity for a gold star. Not only is that ludicrous, but it’s also a great way to damage the career your building for yourself.

How much recognition do you need on your job?

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