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It’s as though men are only progressive when it comes to — their daughters?

Unfortunately, despite our strides, we still live in a male-dominated world full of rules created for the sole purpose of intimidating us into maintaining a more demure, agreeable nature. We can’t be too prudish, but we can’t be slutty either. If she didn’t get the promotion, she’s not aggressive enough to compete; but if she makes more money than you, she MUST be a b*tch. Well ladies, in case you weren’t tired of being placed in yet a box, here’s another standard men (unfairly) thrust upon you:

According to The Shriver Report: An Insight Into the 21st Century Man, guys like obedient wives … but independent daughters.

Say what?

The survey sampled 818 men, finding only 34 percent of them were cool with having an independent wife. (Way to be progressive, fellas!) On the other hand, men were much more enthusiastic about their daughters thinking for themselves, with 66 percent for it.

But if fathers want their daughters to be able to stand on her own two feet, why can’t they admire that same quality in their wives? And if they hope to raise a daughter with these qualities, wouldn’t her mother would be the best example to follow? The logic is questionable at best.

Here are a few quotes survey-takers gave about gender roles:

“In my dad’s day, women stayed home and the men worked. Now, both men and women work in the same area as men do, so it’s hard for us to be men.”

“If you stand up as a man, it is taken as putting females down. No more ‘Man of the House.'”

Yikes! The ironic double-standards husbands hold for their daughters and wives don’t stop there. Below is a graph of other qualities men prefer the women their wives to have:

Qualities men like in a wife and daughter

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