Moving On: 8 Ways To Get Back at Your Ex

June 10, 2011  |  
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All good things must come to an end if a relationship is no longer salvageable between a man and woman. But what if one was responsible for its demise? After your ex dumps you for another woman (or man), you’re literally on the cusp of doing things you never thought you would do. Protecting your own sanity is a better judgment call than dreading over a relationship that was never meant to be in the first place. If they’re at fault for what occurred, here’s how to seek revenge on your ex-significant other:

Write a scathing tell-all about your relationship –

You’re boyfriend pins you the “emotional wreck” around family and friends because he sees your vulnerability, but deep down he could be lashing out of guilt or resentment. You can let this trajectory bring you pain, or you can express it mercilessly so he’ll get a taste of his own medicine! When he’s done you wrong, its fair to kick some dirt in his backyard revealing the most scandalous details of the relationship.

Avoid his phone calls and text messages –

During the relationship, you probably put up with his late-night phone calls and anonymous text messages because you felt you were his one, true love. Since it’s evident that he was a philanderer, you can start rescinding all of his contacts from your cell phone as if he never existed. Better yet, if he calls, avoid them all together! The longer you go without speaking to him, the more he’ll miss you.

Lose weight –

New Year resolutions come and go, but what if you could achieve a weight loss goal in less than six months? Hire a fitness trainer or run four miles each day to get your body back up-to-speed. Your body can look the way it used to before you met your ex-boyfriend. After all, you will have that slim figure that most men lust after. The sudden transformation may be the wake up call he needs to reaffirm that you were in fact one of a kind!

Get a fashion makeover –

Getting a wardrobe fix will put you back on the market! The transition from casual to classy will transcend who you are separate from the relationship. Furthermore, it will invigorate your spirit and make you feel ten times better than how you felt before. Mark this period as a new chapter for you!

Prove that you’ve moved on to bigger and better things –

When you can make powerful advancements after a breakup, it proves to your ex that you’re not dwelling on the past. The fact that you’re over the relationship and are trying to sustain healthy relationships with new people speaks to your fortitude as a person. You may also find contentment with the opening of a new clothing store, restaurant or relocating to another state.

Embrace your singledom: meet new friends –

Sometimes you regret leaving your friends behind to spend the weekend with your ex-boyfriend. And now that you’re single, there’s a possibility they won’t forgive you. True friends will remain by your side through good times and bad, especially if they’ve been in relationships of their own. An alternative is also meeting new friends who can take your mind off the heavy stuff. Go out to parties, clubs or host one yourself!

Get the haircut you were scared he wouldn’t like

Did you try reasoning with your ex over a haircut you wanted to get and he never accepted it? For some reason, you talked yourself out of getting that trendy hairstyle because your ex-boyfriend had conflicted feelings about it. Now you can play by your own rules without having outside forces dictate what you should and shouldn’t do. It’s a free country!

Book travel to the places he said he would always take you

The split may have caused you to put your future trips on hold, mainly due his pledge to take you to the six other continents as you wished. Not quite! You’re just as eligible to travel alone as you were with him, so still make plans for that impromptu trip around the world. You only have one life to live!

Revisit the old hotspots you used to go to as a couple

As soon as he left, you found it merely impossible to revisit your favorite hotspots in town – the Italian bakery, the historic pond or the art gallery which never ceased to amaze you as a couple. It seems it’s all but a distance memory that is likely to be forgotten in years to come. You will never forget about an old fling if you have this mindset. Relive those same experiences with a new boyfriend, friend or a relative to get over the hump.

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