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June 8, 2011  |  
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By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Rep. Anthony Weiner held a press conference and apologized for tweeting lewd photographs of himself and having multiple online sexting affairs with six women in the past three years. It doesn’t help that his name is Weiner either but I’ll spare you from my off color jokes. Yes, Rep. Weiner has stepped in a pile of ish that it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting out of anytime soon but more importantly let’s find the teachable moment in all of this. SEXTING RULES. Weiner is not the first and he surely won’t be the last to get caught out there with naked photos. Kanye West, Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx are just a few who come to mind. I have way less to lose than Rep. Weiner (or any other celebrity) and even I know there are rules to this online and sometimes offline sexting game. Let me school you on a few of them:


1. No face shots

This is “doing dirt” 101, everyone knows you never put your face in an incriminating photo, NEVER! And you definitely don’t write your name on a sign and say “hey it’s me”, only sex cam entertainers do that type of nonsense. If you’re a man stick to the package shots and if you have a mole or distinguishing feature, you need to make sure that’s not visible in your picture. Ladies – those two girlfriends of yours are pretty fair game, and anything below the belt but never your face.


2. Close-ups work best

Think about this, if this ever gets out and you need to deny it, if your face is not recognizable then that’s a great start. Secondly, if your location can’t be determined that helps too. There’s nothing like saying “it wasn’t me” and it’s a picture of you in your office or worse the bathroom you share with your wife. Also, smart phone users, please take the location off of your phone when you are taking such photographs, you don’t need google maps putting you on blast.


3. Use fake email accounts

No one needs to know your work email or your personal email account. Create yourself some strange account that you do your dirt from that has no relation to you. For instance my name is Cedric, I can’t use nativenotes for obvious reasons. Champ Ced wouldn’t work either because it has Ced in there but chocolate thunder could work (probably because I’m light skinned, who’s going to believe that’s me lol). Change your passwords regularly and it might even be good practice to switch your names up every now and then. Be evasive.

4. Know your software

Maybe you’re a real freak and you like to do virtual masturbation sessions. That’s cool but I’m telling you, don’t use skype because there’s a program named skype cap that allows the other person to tape your video conversations. Find a program that doesn’t allow you to be recorded. On the other hand you should record the person you’re video chatting with just in case they want to do what Weiner’s friends are doing right now (start snitching). Let them know if they try to put you out there you will send their funky masturbation session videos to their, job, former classmates and their mama’s house. That stops the Fawkery every time.

5. Never use Twitter

A dm should not be sent out as an @reply. That’s embarrassing ish 101. Once again, people’s twitter accounts are now an extension of their person. It has your photo, and tons of on the record tweets you’ve made. As Rep. Weiner’s circus has shown us twitter will sink your ship quick, fast and in a hurry. Not to mention people’s dms are always getting hacked so that’s another security breach. Just say no to twitter.


6. Lose the Paper Trail

If you’re going to have all day correspondence with your Internet jump off then you have to click that little “helpful” button in your gchat conversations, go off the record. Third party applications like ichat and meebo might prove more helpful than email once you go off the record because you can do direct transfers of pictures and videos and the conversation will not be saved. Thus helping you lose the paper trail of emails and facebook messages.


Overall, I want you to have safe and productive sexting sessions with minimal risks because let’s keep it real, the day goes smoother when you get some goodies in your inbox but those goodies don’t need to sink you.


What do you think about sexting? Do you stop at great lengths to conceal your identity while sexting?

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