14 Tattoos That Are Overdone

July 13, 2015  |  
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There’s an unexpected reveal that happens when the nice weather finally reappears.  All those pretty tattoos that have been hiding under long sleeves and pants are now receiving all the fresh air the ink can handle.

However, after going to a recent music festival, I noticed that there were certain tattoos that seemed to appear very often on different people.

As a tattooed maiden myself, I’m not judging anyone’s choice of ink. I’m just saying that, like sliced bread, these tattoos have become quite ubiquitous and overdone.

Which tattoos might you ask?


Jesus’ head adorned with a crown of thorns

I remember when my uncle got this tattoo when I was in middle school.  I thought that it was so unique!  However, this weekend alone I saw at least 17 people with that same tattoo (there were more, but I just stopped counting).

Praying Hands

Before they were a lovable emoji, they could be found on the biceps of multiple people.



I love talking about tattoos, but the answers that you get from people who tend to have these range from something very personal to “I just thought it was cool.”

I’m not saying that everyone’s tattoo needs to have meaning if that’s not what you want, but… maybe I’m thinking too hard about it.



During the phase when people were trying to mesh their western views with eastern characters, Kanji was all the rage.  People were trusting that the posters in the tattoo parlor weren’t full of crap and had the correct meaning.


From lower backs to ankles, the flower power tattoo movement has stayed permanently etched on some people’s skin.  From wanting to express happiness, to somber and thorny feelings, there wasn’t anything flowers couldn’t convey.



There was a time around 2006-2009 where skulls were very trendy. They were on shirts, hats, socks and shoes; skinless faces were smiling at you (and sometimes in glitter).  Now, they look at you from faded ink on biceps, hands, and the back of necks.


Roman Numerals

Blame it on Rihanna. After she got best friend Melissa Forde’s birthday in Roman numerals on her shoulder (and Melissa reciprocated), so many other girls with numerals in the same place started popping up.


I guess the idea of a tattoo lasting forever compliments the idea of an infinity sign.



Blame this one on Angelina Jolie.  I’m not saying that she started it, but after she got the geographical coordinates of the birth dates of her children on her arm, the backs of shoulders haven’t been the same since.

Spider Webs

Typically found on the elbow, spider web tattoos love to make their seasonal debut when the weather turns warm.  Extra points to the person if they’re rocking jet black hair, jaggedly cut bangs and lots of eyeliner.

Astrological Signs

No need to ask some people what their signs are, it can be found through a tattoo on their bodies.  When someone asks you why you are the way you are, you can just point to the tattoo as an explanation.


Angels/Angel Wings

Whether you believe in celestial beings or feel as though you are one yourself, you wouldn’t be out of place by having one or the other tattooed on you.


Stars have been used to navigate people’s paths for years, and now they can be found on some of your favorite people.  Extra points if you have an actual constellation on you (those are actually my favorites!).


Usually found on the side near one’s ribs, or on the back, these long tattoos can cover a good amount of skin.  However, gain some weight, and… you know…






Honorable mentions:  Crosses, panthers, claw marks with cheetah/leopard printing underneath, dragons, the sun, and the moon.



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