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Trey Songz stopped by “The Breakfast Club” yesterday to chit chat with Charlemagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee about the success he’s been enjoying from theTrigga Reloaded album, wanting kids, Chris Brown and some of the drama that comes along with being such a sex symbol.

Check out some of the excerpts from the interview below and then watch the full thing on the next page.

On touring with his friend Chris Brown 

Charlemagne: Do you ever have conversations with Chris Brown like ‘You f**kin’ up the money bro?” 

I mean I’ve had many conversations with him about the money, about his personal well being all that. But what Chris got going on with Chris, Chris got to figure out. No matter who talks to him. And I think it’s beautiful that’s he’s just being a father in his daughter’s life right now. It’s dope. I pray for Chris. I pray for all my friends. I think he’s under a lot of scrutiny. And it’s very hard. The difference between me and Chris, I tell people all the time, is Chris was 15 when we started. I was 20. It was different. Chris went straight up the pop charts. It took me a cool four years to see the amount of sex–success he had initially.

Charlemagne: You said amount of sex. *Cackles*

That’s cliche. I was trying to say success. Yeah, Chris was having so much sex. Yeah… so you know for me, I was already a man perse when this happened and the slower escalation of success. It got me a chance to actually wrap my mind around what it is. But when you actually become a person and figuring out who you are in front of people, and then you have something crazy happen in your life. People build you all the way up to try to tear you down.

On being blamed for Stephanie Moseley’s death

Everyone knows that Trey’s nickname is “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” Late last year, the moniker led to questions and speculations about him being involved in the death of “Hit The Floor” dancer Stephanie Moseley. 

See what he had to say about that incident:

I actually was really in a crazy place in my mind at that time. Because to place somebody’s death on somebody else, without knowing the dealings. Just based off speculation and wanting website hits and wanting this generation to get this…that’s sad. That’s real sad. You don’t know what spirits you playing with. And I won’t go into the depth of the situation because I respect the woman we’re talking about. I respect her family and I don’t want to talk negatively about anything in the situation. But it’s a sad story. Did anybody lose their life because of me? No. Point, blank period.

On wanting to have children

Charlemagne: Have you caught the Daddy Bug yet?

Man I want kids. I’ve been wanting children before you could even imagine. I raised all the kids in my family. My younger brother, he’s 20-years-old, he just had his first child.  I remember when he was a child. I used to burp him change his diapers, now he got a baby, so…

Charlemagne: Just take the condom off

Naw. I don’t think it’s that simple for me. You just want to take the condom off, that sounds a little crazy. It’s more to it than that, I would like to believe. No, but I want kids, I want a family all of that. But I’m not in a rush to do it because people think that’s what should be happening in my life or that I need kids or my momma been begging me for a grand baby or any of that, I just want to make sure that it’s the right decision.

Charlemagne: That’s important you say that because a lot of girls think that only happens to them, like as they get older people are like ‘You gotta have a baby now!’ ‘You gotta have a family.’ No, guys get that too!

No everybody. My whole family. Every time I come home. Now, I got a nephew, they want me to have a baby like six months from now.

Angela: But I’m sure they’re very concerned about who you have a baby with.

Naw, actually they not too much, at this point.

I just was actually talking about it earlier with my friend. I remember a couple years ago, I had to go take a couple of tests. I actually didn’t know these people who were claiming that I had children. This is the type of stuff that I keep out of the media. It was a couple of accusations. Throughout my career, it’s happened a few times. I remember my momma went with me. And I was like ‘Momma, it’s cool. I don’t know this girl.’ She was like ‘But, if it is yours, we gotta see it for the blessing it is. And it’s going to be…’ No! I don’t know who this person is.

See what he said about the special woman in his life and monogamy on the next page.

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