15 Funny Pubic Hair Trends + Moments Around The World

August 27, 2015  |  
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To you your pubic hairs might just be something you pay attention to every couple of weeks they start to itch, but in some cultures, they’re as important as the hair on your head! Here are some funny pubic hair trends around the world, and a few memorable moments from down there.

A full bush in Korea

In Korea, having a full bush is a sign of fertility and sexual health. One Refinery29.com writer said one girl at a public bath asked if she was “jealous” of her fluffy pubes.

Transplants in Korea

Korean women have actually taken things one step further. When it comes to having a full bush, they won’t take no for an answer—some are getting pubic hair transplants. Yes, like the kinds men get on their heads. Psychologists say the obsession with a full bush is even a condition called, “Pubic Atrichosis.”


The Brazilian…in Manhattan

Contradictory to the name, the first “Brazilian” wax was reportedly given  at a salon in Manhattan back in 1987. But it wasn’t until 2000, after the ladies of “Sex and the City” promoted it, that the style took off in the United States. In some places the Brazilian is actually called the Hollywood.


So what do the Brazilians do?

In Brazil, women actually do favor going basically bald down there but it isn’t their sex lives that determined that but rather their teeny tiny bikinis!    


American trimming

Other than the wax, some of the most popular pubic styles in the U.S. are trimming (around 60% of women do it) and leaving it natural (around 10% do this.)


Pubic hair as hand towels?

Women in earlier societies of the Bismarck Archipelago in the South Pacific reportedly wiped their hands on their pubic hair.


Down Under, Down Under

A study found that around 60% of Australians remove some or all of their pubic hair, and most women who do it do so because they watched Sex and the City.


Full Bush Brazilian

The Full Bush Brazilian is actually quite the opposite of what you think of when you hear the Brazilian; the Full Bush Brazilian is the name for removing all hair from the butt and underneath, but the actual bush over the vagina is left full. You can get it at Brazilian-owned salon J. Sisters salon in New York, but the trend is spreading throughout the U.S.

Lucky pubic hair in China

In China, it’s considered bad luck to remove body hair. Actually it’s considered bad luck to alter the body at all which is why you’ll find far fewer people in China remove moles than those in the U.S.

Forward thinking Egyptians

Research has revealed that the Ancient Egyptians might have been the first to remove their pubic hair—they had razors and hair removal tools far ahead of their time.

Rainbow bush in 1970s America

In the 1972 movie Pink Flamingo the main characters dye the hair on their heads and bushes bright blue and orange. People loved the scene. It’s tough to gain evidence that they followed suit, but it’s probable…The trend might still be alive based on the existence of this product.


Bushes on mannequins

Oh, didn’t you know that mannequins have pubic hair too? They do ever since American Apparel started making little pubic wigs a part of their window displays.

Labia modifications in the U.S.

This isn’t technically a pubic hair trend, but the procedure would naturally affect the way the pubic hair grows, faces, etc. Women are undergoing procedures to change the appearance of their labias.

The Heart Attack in the UK

Express.co.uk posted some of the more popular pubic hair “shaping” trends in the country, and one was the heart attack: the pubic hair is shaved into the shape of a heart.

The Postage Stamp (Or the Charlie Chaplin)

And another one from the UK, the postage stamp. This is basically a little square of hair left above the vagina that looks like Charlie Chaplin’s mustache.


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