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At the beginning of every new year, my friend throws a vision party.  It’s become much like a sacred gathering for folks to commune, reflect and visualize the year ahead.  After individually writing down specific, attainable goals we want to achieve for assorted areas in our lives (and the steps we need to take to fulfill them), we cut out words and images from magazines.  Anything that tickles our fancy or speaks to our dreams.  Then we paste them on poster board that we then strategically place in our respective homes, so we’re motivated by the words and brilliance of the board on a daily basis.

Well, the new year was seven months ago.  And, as tends to happen with things we normalize, I haven’t been paying much attention to my vision board after all.  In fact, it was resting in a sad little corner of my bedroom by its lonesome when I recently picked it up and dusted it off. Immediately, something on it jumped out at me.  No, it wasn’t dust, but a simple, powerful sentence made of nine little words:  “I will light up every room I walk into.”  Who put that there? I asked myself, knowing full well ‘twas I.  That declaration, empowering and beautiful as it is, doesn’t exactly fit my style.  Or rather, my attitude.

I am not afraid to admit that despite the self-work I have done and continue to do, I still struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues.  As such, lighting up every room I walk into isn’t a concept that comes naturally.  But I know that achieving this feat begins from within.  To me, lighting up every room means I’m at peace with who I am at that very moment.  It means walking with my head held high and shoulders straight.  It means acknowledging fear when it’s present, but not succumbing to it.  It’s about silencing that inner critic.  It’s knowing there’s a crown on my head that rightfully belongs there.  An inner light akin to a glow that doesn’t demand attention.  It’s a force that’s in the earth like the atoms found in all things.

Lighting up every room I walk into means yielding my own power and using it to compliment myself and those around me.  It’s making eye contact, seeking it out and not cowering when another person’s gaze meets my own.  It’s uplifting, never demoralizing.  A conscious effort to be present.  It’s knowing that I belong in any space I choose to inhabit – physical or otherwise.  Like an event boundary that occurs when entering a doorway, it’s a fresh start.  A tabula rasa.

This all sounds mighty ambitious and rather flowery, I admit, but I love the way just writing and reading these words and expressing this intent already makes me feel.  It’s some kind of beautiful. As I finally make a conscious effort to put it all into practice, transforming this confidence and esteem-building work from a daily habit to a natural occurrence, one that’s embedded in my gut, my spirit and the very fiber of my being, I know that I’ll heal my issues.  Not only that, I’ll be better equipped to fulfill all of my goals and tackle the inevitable obstacles that will come my way.  I’m so happy that I took a much-needed look at my vision board.  It’s exactly what I needed to reaffirm, refocus and regroup.

So starting now (there’s no time like the present), I am making a conscious effort to light up every room I walk into.  I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned and experienced with you in the weeks to come.  If this sounds like something you want to do more of in your life, feel free to join me.

How will you light up every room you walk into?

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