14 Signs You’re Bored With Your Relationship

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If you had to gauge your relationship happiness, how would you rate it? One can only hope your answer is a positive one, and not merely a “meh” response. All couples experience highs and lows throughout the course of being together. While this is normal, you should pay attention to relationship warning signs that might indicate you’ve had enough.

Stopped putting in tons of effort

Sure, things might not be as fresh as they were when you first got together, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try. At bare minimum, you should aim for decency.

Have eyes on the next one

This is pretty bad…

Consider yourself checked out of your relationship if you already started looking for replacements.

Don’t bring him/her up to anyone

“Hey are you still with so and so?”

Have you lost that much interest in the relationship you no longer bring it up to your friends and family? Side note: If you have yet to meet the special people in your partner’s life, you might want to start asking questions. Unfortunately it could be a sign you’re dating someone married.

Sex is more of a chore

Since when did the song “Let’s Get it On” turn into let’s get it over with? It’s okay to not feel in the mood from time to time, but not every day.

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Focus more on what you get

Want some relationship advice? Here it is: one-sided arrangements aren’t healthy or productive. You might want to rethink staying with someone if you aren’t putting in your all to make it successful.

Stopped thinking about the future

Even if you aren’t a huge believer in marriage, you should be thinking about future plans with the one you (supposedly) love. Why are you in a setup that doesn’t allow room for growth?

Always find something that pisses you off

Either you have a critical attitude or just love making others around you miserable. Why are you even with someone who pisses you off this much? Do you even care about their feelings?

Get excited for alone time

Try not to do too many cartwheels in front of your partner when they tell you they’re going away. Yes, alone or personal time is important in a relationship. We all need our space. That, however, is not a license to throw a party in your love’s absence.

Only entertain because of lack of options

Well tell us how you really feel!

If you’re constantly breaking up and getting back together, you could very well be comfortably miserable and not realize it. It’s better to be unattached and wait for the right one than miserable with the person in your life right now.

Don’t care to learn more

No one expects you to become a bff to your partner’s mom. However basic respect and a general interest to learn more about the people who helped influence their life should be a given.

Refuse to make changes to yourself

The person you’re with doesn’t inspire you to be a better person? Or perhaps you no longer care enough to make the adjustments?

Focus more on time put in versus quality time

Some folks are willing to boast about how many years they put into a relationship, but are unwilling to dedicate quality time to keeping things healthy. Are you about anniversary bragging rights or having a good partnership?

Don’t care if you break up

Have you ever dated someone who eventually made you cringe? You might just do a little happy dance when they decide it’s over.

Have a break up “speech” in your pocket

“You know, this really isn’t working out.”

Be careful how rehearsed you sound if and when you decide you’re done with the relationship. Rehearsed break up speeches are a sign you’ve been bored with the relationship for a while now.

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