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It’s a wrap, ladies, and gents! We’ve finally completed season seven. But before we click our heels in excitement at the end of yet another stressful season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” we must chat about everything that went down in the RHOA reunion finale. Shall we?

Peter Confirms Whether Or Not NeNe Wanted Some Of His Sexual Chocolate

When the second RHOA reunion episode aired last Sunday, it concluded with NeNe screaming at Kenya about incorrectly claiming she flirted with Peter while married to her ride-or-die boo, Gregg. As we started the third and last episode, Andy Cohen asked Peter what exactly he had to say about such claims. Despite he and Cynthia’s issues with NeNe, he backed NeNe up saying, “Nothing inappropriate ever happened.” He also went on to defend Kenya in the same breath. According to Peter, he and NeNe have a similar personality, so even though some may have mistaken their past encounters as flirting, it was never anything like that. He also felt that because Kenya and Apollo had similar personalities, their encounters were also mistaken for flirtatious ones.

Nah. I think we can all agree that Kenya was flirting. She may not have actually wanted to sleep with Apollo, but she flirted with that man (and at times, did so to get under Phaedra’s skin)…

Peter Tells Everyone Who He WOULD Cheat On Cynthia With…

After Porsha had put on blast the rumors about Peter cheating on Cynthia with one of the waitresses from Bar One during the season, Peter decided to set the record straight. According to him, he has never cheated on his lady (you think he would really admit it if he had?!), and if he were going to do such a thing, it wouldn’t be with some waitress. A high-caliber chick like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez would have to swing his way for him to even think about doing such a thing to Ms. Cynthia Bailey.

And while everyone rolled their eyes at Peter, let us not forget that this man used to date a stunner like Nia Long, so hey, don’t underestimate his pull!

Todd Speaks On Losing His Mom And Andy Continues To Be Shady As F**k

We finally had the chance to hear Todd’s thoughts on the abrupt loss of his mother, and he explained how he found out the sad news. Todd said that he used to talk to his mom all the time, even when he was driving, so when he called her early in the morning on the day she passed and didn’t hear back from her, he was scared. As the day went on, he eventually asked a friend of his mother’s, who had a key to her place, to go and check on her. From there, the woman found Todd’s mother unresponsive.

As for the funeral, we found out that Gregg actually spoke at it, NeNe tried but couldn’t attend it, and Phaedra wasn’t there because of a prior speaking engagement. This last bit of info was revealed after Andy threw some shade Phae Phae’s way: “Phaedra, did you help with funeral arrangements?”

Messy boots.

Todd Explains Why Mama Joyce’s Apology Was Wack, And His Issues With Kandi’s Prenup

Where do things stand with Todd and Mama Joyce? They’re still working on it, but in case you were wondering, he wasn’t buying her apology from earlier in the season. You know, the one where she apologized for calling his mom a prostitute, but only said such a thing because she received the information from reputable sources? According to Todd, if you’re sorry, you should just say sorry–not say “sorry, but…”

He also wanted to make it clear that he was never against the prenuptial agreement Kandi wanted him to sign, but rather, the way she went about making him sign it. It’s something they still bicker about, but according to Kandi, it’s nothing she thinks is going to negatively impact their marriage in the long-run.

I would hope not.

What Really Went Wrong With Cynthia And NeNe?

We finally were given the real deal on why Cynthia and NeNe fell out! To briefly summarize:

Sooooo, after NeNe called Peter a b***h last season, there was friction, but NeNe was allegedly very apologetic. Claudia accepted her apology, and both she and Peter, and NeNe and Gregg continued being friends. They went to Vegas together and after an episode of RHOA aired where Cynthia made a comment about keeping her daughter from bringing home any grandbabies (which we know NeNe’s son Bryson ended up popping up with), NeNe felt Cynthia threw shade at her and her parenting skills. So she took to her blog and threw her own dose of shade at Cynthia.

Hurt that NeNe would disrespect her again on a public platform instead of just letting her know how she felt (since they were in Vegas TOGETHER at the time), Cynthia grew distant from her BFF. Things went downhill from there. And for the record, NeNe still doesn’t think she tried to throw Cynthia under the bus and encourage show producers to get her fired after her shady statements on “Watch What Happens Live” last year.

The women still aren’t friends, but through clenched teeth and suspicious eyes, they wished each other well…

Porsha Talks Life After Kordell, And Life With Hosea Williams (And Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth)

The Princess of Thotlandia received her title because there isn’t much skin we haven’t seen when it comes to Porsha. Ever since her marriage ended to Kordell, she got her breast done and got her body right and tight. She’s not afraid to show it all off. She would never do such things while married to Kordell. “When you’re a wife, you tend to mimic what your husband thinks is right. I was very submissive.” She’s single as a dollar bill now, so she is marching to the beat of her own drum…

Speaking of marching, Porsha received side-eyes from the Twitter crowd after speaking of her grandfather, Hosea Williams, and the portrayal of the late civil rights activist in Selma. She stated that she marched with him at one point (she didn’t specify where, so people assumed she was claiming she marched with him in Selma, Alabama…) and said  rocks were “throwed” and N-words were hurled her way.

Twitter verdict? ‘We don’t believe you, you need more people.’


Claudia Is Still Looking For An Apology…

Claudia says she doesn’t need an apology from NeNe to feel validated, but she is still holding one hell of a grudge about their argument in Puerto Rico. She’s specifically pissed that NeNe made comments about her cl*t and called her a half-breed. NeNe, still without a f**k to give, apologized to any RHOA viewers who were offended by her comments about Claudia being biracial. Claudia came for her in insults, so she threw her best jabs back–that’s it. And according to NeNe, Claudia wasn’t upset about the half-breed comments until people online pumped her head up. No more apologies from NeNe! One and you’re done.

Dr. Jeff Tries To Explain That Horrid Therapy Session

Did Dr. Jeff allow the ladies to gang up on NeNe? He doesn’t think so. According to him, he let the women share their issues with her so that, eventually, she could speak her peace and defend herself. However, NeNe was defensive from the jump, throwing off Dr. Jeff’s plan.

Nonetheless, NeNe felt like he allowed the women to throw all their garbage and issues on her, and she did NOT appreciate it. She’s been through her fair share of pain and poverty that she hasn’t let anyone know about, and she doesn’t blame all that (or anyone else) for the choices she makes, so her castmembers shouldn’t.

NeNe Reveals Her Painful Past And Ends Up Breaking Down…

NeNe eventually reveals that, like Kenya, she did not have a good relationship with her mother. As she put it, “My mother didn’t raise me, my father didn’t claim me.” In her most vulnerable moment yet, NeNe ended up breaking down because she couldn’t bring herself to talk about her relationship with her mom, or lack thereof, with everyone. She eventually starts to cry and prepares to storm off the stage to compose herself. The women run to her side and try to console her, even Kenya, who encourages Kandi to get up and show support…

And Kandi Was Here For NONE Of It

But child, Kandi’s face was twisted up the entire time NeNe had her breakdown/breakthrough moment: She didn’t buy the idea that she helped to “bully” NeNe during Dr. Jeff’s therapy session; she didn’t want to get up and join in the Kumbaya moment around NeNe as she cried; and when Cynthia returned to the stage in tears after consoling her former friend, Kandi asked her, “You crying too?!” She didn’t understand what set NeNe off emotionally, and she honestly didn’t look like she was buying any of it.

The Ladies Have A Breakthrough And Hug It Out

But, believe it or not, NeNe’s pain is real. According to Gregg, struggling to raise multiple children alone, NeNe’s mother ended up sending the reality star and her brother to Athens to be raised by family. And while that would have been okay for a short time, NeNe’s mother never tried to retrieve her and her brother, yet she was able to raise and care for NeNe’s other siblings…

When NeNe returned to the stage, she didn’t want to talk about the story behind her tears. Still, those tears moved most of the ladies. They supported her, even Claudia and Kenya, and she thanked everyone (except for Kandi) for encouraging her during a dark moment. Despite their drama, they all share a bond. They capped off the episode with a group hug and some momentary peace, ending the season on a positive note. For the love of God, let’s hope they take that positivity into season 8 for once…

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