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After VH1 announced that they would allow Jayceon Taylor, also known as “The Game,” to attempt to find love on his own show “She Got Game,” it made me nostalgic for the VH1 dating shows of yore.  You know the ones, the “Flavor of Loves,” “Rock of Loves,” “I Love New Yorks,” “For the Love of Ray Js,” and “Real Chance of Loves.”

In anticipation of “She Got Game,” I decided to go back into the old VH1 archives of their golden era of reality shows and bring you a list of some of the most memorable moments.  There were a lot of shows, a lot of crazy people and behaviors, and I’m gonna do my best to include the best.  If I missed your favorites, hit me up in the comment section!

“Do it!

After an entire season of tensions between Tiffany “New York” Pollard, and Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson, all things came to a head when Flavor Flav told Pumkin that her time was up.

Not one to take rejection quietly, Pumkin got into a verbal altercation with New York where she said:  “Actually, I can slap the sh*t out of you,” where New York yells:  “Do it!  Slap me, b*tch, and watch–”

But before New York could complete her threat, Pumkin hawked one of the most famous reality show loogies to ever fly on television screens around the world.

“I’ve Been On Pause…”

At the reunion show for the first season of “Flavor of Love,” host Lala gave New York and Pumkin the chance to finally get their beef out in the open to finish the matter.

When New York was asked how she felt to finally be sitting next to Pumkin, she said:  “My ass been on pause, but I’m to press play in a mother-f**kin’ millisecond.”  Shortly after that, she flung the separating device between her and attempted to attack Pumkin.

“Rocking My Man’s Name On My Neck!”

On the first season of “Rock of Love,” Heather Chadwell was very devoted to her man Bret Michaels, and on a date decided to show him just how so.  They went to a tattoo parlor where she proceeded to get his name tattooed on the back of her neck, as her very first tattoo.  Bret did not return the favor.


“I Saw You…”

When it came down to the final three on “Rock of Love,” the girls’ parents were invited.  Heather and Lacey, who were friends throughout the season, turned on each other.

Lacey went to Bret to address Heather’s life choices as a stripper, and Heather went on to address Lacey’s sexual behavior with Bret.

Right in front of Lacey’s parents, Heather yelled:  “I saw you suck his [beep] in there!”  She then turned to Lacey’s parents and said:  “Your daughter is a slut!”

“Don’t Be Hitting Me With Flowers!”

On the first episode of any “Of Love” dating show there are always more girls than there are beds (signifying that a number of them are leaving that night).  However, this fact didn’t stop Saaphyri and H-Town from fighting over a bed.   Ironically, both of them were eliminated that first day.

“What’s That Smell?”

After a rough first night of getting to know the girls and handing out clocks to the ones that Flavor wanted to keep, he was surprised when a few piles of feces seemed to appear out of nowhere.

As they tracked the smell, they found Tykeisha “Somethin” Thomas was the offender.

“I’m Back”

When Flav needed someone who knew him and would have his best interests in heart, he invited the one, the only, the H.B.I.C., New York, back to help him decide eliminations.  Her presence not only shook up the girls, but shook old feelings of lust back into Flavor Flav.  He then asked her to get back in the running, and she did.  Only to be eliminated on the last episode, just like the first season.

“Ain’t No Marriage for Me”

On the reunion of New York’s own first season from her series “I Love New York,” New York thought she found love in Patrick “Tango” Hunter.  He even proposed to her on the finale of the first season.

However, when he watched the footage of New York berating his mother, he took back the proposal and left New York to find love on her second season.

Buddha vs. Tailor Made

On the second season of “I Love New York,” Ezra “Buddha” Masters had a run in with antagonist George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber.  The two got into an argument of Tailor Made’s behavior that led to fellow competitor’s dismissal.  The angry words turned into angry actions as Buddha head butted him, “bounced Tailor Made’s head like a basketball” against the wall, and then went on to choke him before security intervened.

“Hot Breath…”

On “Flavor of Love 3,” we were introduced to Monalisa “Shy” Brown.  Shy, who was one of the main antagonists on the season would go on to cause drama with the other girls.  However, it was the allegations of her having halitosis that she has had to contend with.

She got eliminated by Flav, citing “I don’t know what’s going on in your mouth.  Maybe you got a bad tooth or something…” and she later went on to denounce reality television as a whole for ruining her reputation as an actress.

“You Will Not Be With My Friend”

On “Rock of Love 2,” Bret Michaels pulled a Flavor Flav and had his runner up from the previous season, Heather, to come back and help him choose a girl.

Heather found fault with contestant Daisy De La Hoya, especially when she found out that she was roommates with her ex-boyfriend.  As the argument grew more heated, Heather threw a can of Red Bull at Daisy, warning her:  “You will not be with my friend!  I’ll be damned!”


“All Your Photo Shoots Look Like Mine…”

At the reunion of “Rock of Love 2,” Heather and Daisy were sitting on the couch next to each other to discuss their Red Bull fling.  But the discussion turned into an argument of Heather accused Daisy of attempting to be her doppelganger.  But while some people find imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery, Heather wasn’t that joyful as the two women got into a pretty nasty fist fight.


After the publicity of the sex tape with Kim Kardashian began to die down, R&B singer, Ray J went on to get into the VH1 dating arena by having his own show “For the Love of Ray J.”

On the first season we were introduced to Christa, who was known as Chardonnay.  Chardonnay was determined to show that “shawty got tricks, shawty got gifts, shawty got talents, shawty got all of that!”  In her swimsuit she went down into a split and began to bounce up and down, in a move I’ve seen many people try to recreate.

“She Smashed The Homie”

Who knew that a certain phrase would survive long after it’s inception, but “smashed the homie” definitely has.

On the first season of “For the Love of Ray J,” it was revealed that Monica “Danger” Leon had had a previous relationship with one of Ray J’s friends.  His friends went on to exclaim “she smashed the homie!” and then created a song out of it.

However, that wasn’t the end of the taunt, as on the second season, when Elle “Luscious” Navarro had revealed that she also had a past with one of Ray’s friends, they began to chant “She smashed the homie” again, leading Luscious to quit the season.


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