Let Me Count the Ways: 6 Reasons Why I Love My Weave

April 28, 2011  |  

Beverly Johnson Human Hair Wet & Wavy 16” in 1B was the brand that took my weave virginity.  It was my eight grade graduation and a 13 yr. old me longed for a glamorous look to compliment my newfound maturity and sophistication.  What better to do that in than some fresh micro-braids? Gone were the days of sitting in a sweltering kitchen for hours while my mother tried to convince me that it was only the “heat” biting at the back of my neck, not the actual hot comb itself.  The tears that I felt building behind my eyes and the knot full of nerves in my stomach said otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong, no one could tell me I wasn’t cute on 6th grade picture day in my Mary Janes whipping my homegrown hair back and forth brushing my shoulder blades.  But was getting fussed at for fidgeting and the occasional harry Potter forehead burn worth it all?

Almost 5 years later after breaking up with Beverly Johnson, I became a literal hair Slore.  Outre’, Sensationnel, Milky Way and a slew of lesser known names whom I can’t even remember all laid on my scalp.  As my money improved, so did the quality of hair I purchased.  We did all kinds of positions as well: braided, curled, crimped, and straight.  I had blue and black, red and auburn and let’s not forget the two that had me sprung for the longest: #27 and #33 (and my weave connoisseurs know what I mean).

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my sew-in.  And all you India Arie “I am not my hair” purists can ride that self-righteous high horse if you want to, but I’ll be glad to take it’s silky mane and braid it into my own.  It has absolutely nothing to do with self hate, but it may have a lot to do with boredom and laziness.  I work 3 jobs and the last thing I want to do at the end of my day is wrap or roll anything.  While weave has its share of maintenance, for the most part I can get up and go without having to fuss with a flat-iron.  Weave allows me to be a bohemian curly goddess one month, and have romantic waves flowing to the small of my back the next.  Nothing can compare to what I can only describe as sheer delight when the silken strands of Virgin Remy Model Model Ego II  flows between my fingers.  Some women plan parties, I plan hairstyles.  I conduct my research surrounded by the  latest issues of Sophisticates Black Hair, several on-line hair websites, and sampling the goods of my local beauty supply stores. As long as I’m maintaining the health of my natural hair and being financially responsible, what does it matter to anyone else how I achieve my “fly”.

Both men and women have their assumptions about hair extensions and while I can respect those opinions, you can’t knock this side of the tracks until you try them.  I’ve seen a whole lot of bad weaves: track showing, poor color choices and sub par installation.  But with all of the innovations in technique and quality hair, you might learn to love weave as much as your own hair.  Here’s a few reasons why I love my weave as well as some tips on maintaining your own.

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