“I Was Like WOW”: 50 Cent Finally Responds To Vivica Fox Saying He Was The Love Of Her Life

March 6, 2015  |  

It’s safe to say that everyone was a little taken aback when Vivica A. Fox shared with the world that out of all the men she has dated and fallen for, 50 Cent was the love of her life. In case you missed it, she told Meredith Vieira that the rapper and businessman had her feelings all in a tizzy, and even though she loved him, she realized that he was not good for her.

“Even though he is absolutely the love of my life, dating 50 Cent was difficult. I really, really cared for him. I loved him very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me. And that’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart and you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me.’ I wish him the best. He is amazing, and baby, he fine, but to just know that if you love someone, to just know that they’re not right for you. Sometimes love ain’t always right. The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right.”

Well, 50 sat down with Angie Martinez this week, alongside fellow G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, and finally responded to Fox’s admission.

“I saw that after. I was like WOW, that she would even say that at this point. It was a lot of confusion. At that point, I was real green. We at 2003, the release of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, largest debuting hip-hop album, and I’m sitting there like, ‘huh?’ We went out once before the [MTV Video Music] award show. I didn’t know the award show was going to publicly marry us. She knew better than I did what was going to happen, so when the train is taking off without you, you kind of feel really uncomfortable, and you don’t get to that point where you get to feel the way that the public is perceiving it. But women are more advanced than men emotionally.”

When asked if he has someone who is the love of his life, he told Martinez that the special person hasn’t come around yet.

“I don’t think I have. No. I have people I value for our friendship during the period we’ve been around each other, but I’m not sure what will happen in my life.”

He also spoke on his relationships with his sons. He says that his son, Sire, changed him.

“He’s cute right? He look like me. Eyebrows and stuff. I have so much fun with him, man. My spirit changes and I light up when you talk about him.”

But sadly, he still hasn’t reconnected with his eldest son, Marquise.

“I haven’t spoken to him. I don’t speak to him. With him and that situation, it’s so complex, Angie. Over time, she’s [Marquise’s mother] instilled her entitlement.

When asked if they could possibly work things out, the rapper said that he’s unsuccessfully tried and feels that his child, and the child’s mother, are too entitled.

“I’m listening to see what he’s saying. I don’t understand it to be honest with you. It’s a choice. My grandfather would tell you, your enemy’s enemies are your friends. Watch people, because you may not necessarily have an altercation with that person, but they’ll side with someone they think has an altercation with you on the common ground of disliking you. His mother’s views, he’s embraced. You saw him next to Floyd when I had a problem with Floyd. Seen him sit next to Slow[bucks]…it’s too cool to not be little 50 that he’s associated with everything around me but me. He keeps contact with everyone but me. There’s been points that I’ve went places that he was at, that he left. I don’t understand it. If you’ve done nothing but display love or affection towards someone…if you ask for something, like he’s a sneakerhead and likes to collect shoes. Say you getting a pair of Jordans and their $250 dollars. He says, ‘I want these new shoes.’ He asks his mother and she says, ‘Aight, I’ll figure out how to get ’em for you. But it just bothers me because your dad…you’re supposed to have more.’ Now you don’t even feel the gratification connected to you receiving what you wanted because you feel like you’re supposed to have more.”

This chat definitely had some interesting moments. You can check them out for yourself below. His comments about his sons start at the 12:55 mark, and his feelings on Fox come in around 25:33.


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