Don’t Be Like Giuliana Rancic: 11 Assumptions People Make About Those Who Wear Locs That Don’t Make Sense

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Ever since Giuliana Rancic assumed that the faux locs Zendaya Coleman wore to the Academy Awards on Sunday made her look like “she smells like patchouli oil and weed,” people have been dragging the E! personality and “Fashion Police” host on social media. But comments like this aren’t surprising. For as far back as people have been wearing locs, others have been making some very interesting and very stupid assumptions about them. I know because I’ve been on both sides: I’ve been the loc wearer and the assuming party.

Don’t get caught out here talking like Rancic, ya’ll. Cut it out with these assumptions:

That Our Hair, And Our Bodies, Are Dirty

Unless we’re talking about the early stages of locking one’s hair, those with locs can wash their hair just as often as anyone else washes their hair. But just because you might come across a few people who wear locs and happen to look and smell a little funky doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t value a good bath and shampoo.

That You’re An Herbal Using, Incense Burning, Juices & Berries Loving Hippy

I’ve been called an “herbal girl” by one of our readers before. It could have been because of the traditional wear I was rocking at the time (I’m Nigerian), but I’m 100 percent sure it was also because of my hair too. Not everybody out here is trying to live that hippy life because they have locs. In fact, a majority of the people I’ve met with locs are anything but hippies…

That You’re Militant

Just because you decide to let your hair form together doesn’t mean you’re about to become a part-time New Black Panther Party member. Trying out locs may change the way you look at hair, but I doubt it’s what causes some of us to have the opinions that we share.

That You’re Rastafarian

Nothing wrong with being Rastafarian, but uh, some of us just like locs because they look good, not because we’re trying to look like the Lion of Judah. It’s not always meant to be something deep and involved.

That You’re Jamaican

I’ve met different men over the last few years who have asked, “So, are you Jamaican?” While I would love to be, sadly, the answer is no.

That We’re All Weed Heads Or Know Where You Can Get Some From

Hey, some locked individuals do have the hook up, but don’t assume that you can walk up to any ‘ol body and get a dime bag. It might not end well for you.

That You Can’t Do Anything With Them

A majority if not all of the styles people do with their hair when it’s not locked are the same styles people with locs can create. Oftentimes, because you don’t have to worry about stray hairs, the styles are easier to do and look better! Yeah, I said it.

Because They’re Hanging, You Can Touch Them

I’ve had quite a few people grab at my locs thinking that I can’t feel it. I can. It’s annoying. It’s intrusive. As with any head that doesn’t belong to you, hands off!

That You Could Be Involved In Criminal Activity

Blame Anthony Mackie:

“Like my nephew wanted to grow dreadlocks. I’m like fine, I’ll sit you down and I’ll watch The First 48 with you and everybody you see on that show, that’s doing something wrong, they’re black dudes with dreadlocks. So, do you want to be seen as part of the problem or do you want to be an individual?

Let’s just say you have locks and you walking down the street. The police pull you over and say you fit the description of somebody.  You start yelling and arguing with the cops. Next thing you know you pressed up against the wall going to jail for something you’re not even involved in just because you look like somebody and you don’t know how to handle yourself.”


That Everyone Is Going To Be Okay With You Calling Them “Dreadlocks”

I had to learn this myself, but until you get the green-light, just stick with referring to the style as ‘locs’ (or locks). Some people aren’t fond of the term “dreadlocks” because they see it as a negative term associated with being “dreadful.” But as I said, if you ask, you’ll find that many have no problem with you referring to them as dreadlocks or just “dreads.”

That They’re Not A Professional Or Formal Look

I noticed that a lot of people (including black folks) felt that Zendaya’s faux locs weren’t a good look for the red carpet of the Academy Awards. My only qualm with them was the fact that she didn’t pull them up so that we could see her dress better. But locs are good for any and everything, and that’s been proven as more and more black beauties showcase them on the red carpet and on the main stage–including Ava DuVernay, Whoopi Goldberg (a locked OG) and Ledisi.


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