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There are far too many celebrities whose relationships have ended because of infidelity. Just like regular folk. Cheating is so plebeian. And while stepping out is pretty bad, these following celebrities were hurt on another type of level when they were betrayed by their spouses–or former spouses. Find out who I’m talking about on the following pages.

Faye Grant and Stephen Collins 

Listen, I’m well aware that what Stephen Collins did to those girls has forever altered their lives. He was dead wrong. And punishment certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable. But you know what was also wrong? His wife secretly recording their therapy sessions, only to share them with the media when Stephen decided he wanted a divorce. Again, Stephen was wrong but seeking therapy is what you’re supposed to do when you have these types of problems. And for his wife to betray that trust is pretty foul, particularly when she’d known about this for years and was willing to stay in this relationship.

Keith Douglas and Tasha Smith 

For all we knew, Tasha and her husband Keith Douglas’ primary focus was having a child. But apparently, there were more darker issues lurking under the surface. First, Tasha’s husband filed a restraining order against Smith saying that she threatened his life. Then Tasha came out with allegations of her own, saying Keith was threatening her life. If one or both of them felt they were in danger, they did the right thing going to the authorities. But things got petty when Douglas started speaking about Smith’s business affairs to the media. Douglas, through a publicist, told the world that she broke a contract for a speaking engagement. I understand you’re in your feelings right now bruh, but let Tasha and her people handle that.

CJ Hunter and Marion Jones

Marion Jones was on top of the world in 2000, when she won 3 gold medals in the Sydney, Australia summer Olympics. I remember watching Jones, proudly. But the glory didn’t last forever. During that same time, right after she won her first medal, her husband C.J. Hunter, who was a shot putter, was caught using steroids and banned from the games- even as a spectator. Later, in an autobiography, Jones said this secret coming out put a strain on their marriage, considering she was a ‘drug free’ athlete. They divorced in 2002. And even though Jones moved on to a new man. Hunter wasn’t done. When the new man was also linked to drugs, the investigation into Jones resurfaced. And it was Hunter who testified that he’d seen Jones inject drugs into her stomach in Sydney. Jones denied it until 2007, when she admitted that she had unknowingly taken the drug.

Lamar Sally and Sherri Shepherd

It’s one thing to go through a second divorce in the public eye. But things become increasingly more difficult when your ex is hellbent on telling the media every single detail of your split. And even the details of your surrogacy. And that’s just what Lamar Sally did during this ongoing, public divorce with Sherri Shepherd. Not only did he talk about his “divorce diet,” the amendments to his prenup with Shepherd. Then he told the media what he was going to do if Sherri decided not to honor their surrogacy contract. And then he let everyone know he was mad that Sherri didn’t send gifts for the baby during the baby shower. Sally basically made attacks on Shepherd’s character saying she had abandoned a child. Judging by Sally’s behavior it seems that his character, as well as his motives, are the ones that need to be examined.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

This slideshow is not about the betrayal of cheating. It’s about other types of ways people violated trust. And though Woody Allen definitely cheated on his partner Mia Farrow, this type of betrayal is greater and certainly more disturbing. Allen and Farrow had been together from 1979 to 1992. But their relationship ended when Farrow found nude pictures of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, taken by Allen, in his possession. When she confronted him with the pictures, he said simply, “The heart wants what it wants.” Previn and Allen have both alleged that their relationship didn’t start until she was over 18, they say 20. The couple, who have an age gap of 35 years, got married in 1997, estranging Mia from her daughter and her other children from their sister. Your longtime partner turns around and marries your daughter. The ultimate betrayal. Woody Allen doesn’t believe any of this is a scandal.

Renee Graziano and Hector Pagan aka ‘Junior’

If you’ve never seen “Mob Wives,” then you don’t know the very real type of drama that goes down on the show. While most of the drama on reality shows is fabricated, the “Mob Wives” are dealing with situations like husbands being taken away from their families for participating in organized crime. And things got particularly interesting when Renee Graziano’s ex husband Hector Pagan, known as Junior, started coming back around to see if they could rekindle their relationship. But it all fall apart when Junior implicated Renee’s father, famed mobster Anthony Graziano, in organized crime to get a reduced sentence. Junior became an informant. He wore a wire in his watch and even did so while appearing on the show–probably while he was all up in Renee’s house. Yikes. Pagan, who later admitted to actually killing a man, was sentenced to 11 years in prison, thanks to his cooperation with the FBI.

It’s greasy, but not too many people would have taken the fall for all of this.

Kirk and Rasheeda

Kirk was completely blindsided when he learned that his wife and artist Rasheeda was interested in switching teams. Not only was she meeting with Waka Flocka’s momager, Deb, she decided to start working with her without talking to her husband and manager Kirk.

Even if he were just a stranger on the street this would have been bad business. But insult was added to injury when you consider the fact that Kirk is her husband and father of her children.

But just when Rasheeda started looking like the bad guy, Kirk not only told her he didn’t want her to have the baby she was carrying, he allegedly stepped out on her while she was pregnant.

 The Dream and Christina Milian

Though Christina Milian and The Dream are in a really good place and have worked out their co-parenting situation, there was a time when some very messy words were exchanged between the two. At one point Christina told the media that The Dream wasn’t as active as he should be in his daughter’s life. And of course, he wasn’t happy about it.

She said:

“I’m not happy at the moment, but I have come to the realization that I have to be 200% mum for her and it’s not about finances, it’s about spending time. We live in different cities, he’s in Atlanta and I’m in LA. There are planes and plenty of money for airplanes so… I’m not one of those who withhold their children from their baby daddy. I don’t do that. As far as skyping: I’m just gonna leave it at that my daughter is a great kid and someday their will be a healthy man in my life that will love her the way I do.”

And here was his response, via Twitter:

Love You too. Those 15 minutes are almost up though boo!

She had a plan to come up before she met me I called her on it. Go digging for gold u might find it.. But its hard to carry that much weight

Publicity Stunt. Are people really this Stupid. If I had a serious issue concerning care for a loved one. I’d call the source…

Has Been….”

Jonathan Plummer and Terry McMillan

You think when you marry someone, you know everything, or at least the important things, about their lives. You know, like who they prefer sexually. Sadly, our girl Terry McMillan did not know those things about her now ex-husband Jonathan Plummer.

And the two of them aired all of that messiness out on Oprah’s couch for the world to see. Terry was rolling them eyes!

Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams

Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams were such a cute couple. So we were all shocked when we learned that they were getting a divorce. And in a 2003 interview with the now defunct Honey Magazine, Malinda Williams told Denene Millner that they broke up because of Phifer’s infidelity. And in the name of fairness, Honey also spoke to Mekhi about the breakup. And bayybee, he told it all. Entirely too much. You need only take a look at the copy above to know how messy it got.

But with age comes maturity. And with a son to raise, these two are on good terms these days.

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