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I don’t know why these ladies go on group getaways together, knowing good and well they can’t stand one another. But producers already know that sandy beaches and sunshine seem to bring out the worst in the women of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Case in point, tonight’s episode…

Claudia Brings Out The Worst Toes We’ve Ever Seen…

A trip to Puerto Rico (courtesy of Demetria/Roger Bobb) calls for strappy sandals and heels, but unfortunately for Claudia, her toes don’t need to see the light of day. She pulls them out during a visit to the podiatrist in the hopes that a miracle can be worked on her bunion and corns, which she admits are “disgusting.” But there’s no quick fix for her problem. And Kenya, who is supposed to be there for support, does nothing but laugh at Claudia’s “snowcapped mountains” for toes.


Kandi And Demetria Try To Bond Over Sex Toys And Music

Kandi and Demetria meet up so that Kandi can apologize for her friend, Gocha, embarrassing the hell out of Demetria at last week’s sex toy party. The ladies set aside any issues and after asking Kandi if she misses performing–which she does (she blames her focus on her businesses for her departure from music)–Demetria asks Kandi if they can work together. After the bad experience she had with Kim Zolciak over “Tardy For The Party,” Kandi politely says hell no. But she does offer Demetria some free sex tips…

Kenya And Cynthia Discuss NeNe’s Shady Behavior

Kenya visits the Bailey Agency to get help in her search for a new assistant (where is Brandon?). However, the conversation ends up turning to NeNe’s shady treatment of Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia at Kandi’s sex toy party. Both women weren’t happy with her behavior. Kenya claims that when NeNe gets “around the beasts,” she’s rude, and Cynthia says that she realized at the party that NeNe gets a kick out of being cruel: “I was looking over at her thinking, you’re mean, and you’re having fun being mean!” To them, NeNe is the flip-flopper she claimed that Cynthia once was.

Phaedra Shades The Hell Out Of Demetria For No Reason

I’m not sure why, but Phaedra and NeNe meet up with Demetria at the record studio to talk and get to know her better. And while they both encourage her to put her foot down when it comes to Roger Bobb stringing her along (NeNe says that HE needs to be chasing her–not the other way around), Phaedra all of a sudden starts throwing shade. She has something to say about Demetria’s decision to try and be a pop star at 35, her relationship with Roger (knowing her own situation is tore up), and even asks her if she used to do crack because she previously played a crackhead on “House of Payne.” What was all that about?

The Gang’s All There In Puerto Rico–Except Roger Bobb

The ladies prepare to jet off to the airport, and do so in different groups. In the first group is (late as usual) Porsha, Kandi and Demetria, the hostess with the most-ess. Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia, also known as the Three Amigas/Team Beauty, arrive in Puerto Rico next, and NeNe and Phaedra arrive last. As Demetria chats with Porsha and Kandi, explaining to them the details of her upcoming performance (which is the reason they’re all there), she lets them know that yet again, Roger Bobb won’t be there to support her. Phaedra says that he really should have shown up for her big showcase, but Demetria claims that it’s okay, because he’s cutting checks that enable her to do what she wants, and and took care of everyone’s big trip to Puerto Rico.

Demetria Talks To Everybody About Her Issues With Phaedra–Everybody But Phaedra

As rooms are handed out and more and more ladies show up, Demetria chats with Kandi and Porsha about feeling dissed by Phaedra in the recording studio. They try to tell her that it’s nothing to take personal, but she doesn’t agree. Demetria ends up feeling most comfortable with Kenya and co., who she personally calls “the fun girls.” After hanging with the trio, Kenya eventually encourages Demetria to let Phaedra know how she’s feeling if she truly felt disrespected.

Phaedra Disses Demetria’s Stylist

When NeNe and Phaedra finally show up and get their tiny rooms (when you snooze you lose), the shade from Phae Phae continues. She insults the work of Demetria’s stylist, Dallas (“Now THIS you’re on point with”) and says that Demetria is more of a ballroom performer than one worthy of an arena. But Phaedra doesn’t see anything wrong with her comments, and instead, just feels that she’s “keeping it real.” Yeah, real shady.

The Coldest Dinner Ever…

It’s time for dinner, and Demetria sits down with the first ladies to arrive, and that inclues Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia. They laugh and joke, and eventually, NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha and Kandi arrive. All of a sudden, things get catty and confrontational when Phaedra throws yet another dart of shade at Demetria about her upcoming performance. I guess you can say that D had enough, because she decided to confront Phaedra in front of everyone. But because Phaedra is adamant that she didn’t do anything wrong, things go left and Demetria gets personal–she brings up Apollo:

“The only thing we have in common is the number eight: Yours is going, mine has been here.”

Phaedra tries to set Demetria straight, but there isn’t a comeback/joke that can compete with that hurtful statement…

Claudia Decides She’s Not Going To Play Nice Anymore

As those two continue to bicker, Cynthia tries to step in to encourage Phaedra to just say sorry: either be sorry for being rude, or be sorry for saying something that Demetria clearly took as an insult. But Cynthia’s two cents don’t work for NeNe, who jumps in and tells her that since she wasn’t there to hear the things Phaedra said, she needs to mind her business. Eventually, Phaedra apologizes for Demetria being offended and wants to move on (and never be invited to anything else Demetria hosts), and yet, the drama didn’t end there. Claudia, who felt disrespected by NeNe during the dinner, scolds everyone for being catty and says that it is important for the issue between Phaedra and Demetria to be resolved. When NeNe jokes about her actually having her own brain (and not one controlled by Kenya), Claudia has had just about enough, and the barbs begin to fly…

The Ladies Meet Nay-Nay

NeNe calls Claudia a “puppet” of Kenya’s, and Claudia calls her a puppeteer. For a while there, Claudia holds her own and throws some ugly shade: “When you were my age you had edges.” But NeNe eventually leaves the conversation and brings in her alter ego, Nay Nay, who goes all the way in, calling Claudia a whore who everyone in Hollywood has slept with: “Your cl*t has left your body!” And she even stoops as low as to calling Claudia a “half-breed” who wishes she had what NeNe does.

There is no conclusion to this rough confrontation, instead, a “To Be Continued…”

In the end, I was left wondering how women in their late 30s and 40s could be so juvenile. But hey, that’s RHOA for you…

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