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There’s much more running through a man’s head besides, “No teeth, please!” when you’re giving him oral. In case you’ve always wondered, here’s what men think when you’re going down on them.









“Oh! Nice!”

Hey, I’m always grateful when a woman will do this! She certainly doesn’t have to—it’s generous!









“I should try to touch her too”

I should do something to keep her stimulated too. I feel so spoiled just hanging out up here doing nothing.








“Oh, that seems to distract her”

Oops! She switched up her technique as soon as I started touching her. I must have distracted her.








“Am I allowed to tug her hair?”

Or is that too dominating? Or is it sexy?














“If I watch, is that weird?”

Because I really want to watch. When else do I essentially get to watch a live XXX film that I’m in?











“I should hold her hair back for her”

It seems to be getting in her way. Oh no—I think I pulled on it too hard and now she thinks I want her to stop!

“Uh oh. She got a hair in her mouth”

I think she just got one of my pubic hairs in her mouth. I can’t believe I wasn’t more prepared for this.





“Well, maybe it was her own hair!”

Hmmm…she is making an uncomfortable face, and she is having a hard time finding the hair to pick out of her mouth. That’s definitely one of mine.






“I showered that area today, right?”

Because if there is the smallest hint of funny smells down there, she may never return.

“Please put your hands on me too”

Please cover all of me. Get your hands involved if your mouth can’t do it alone.







“My balls need loving too”

Please, please, please give my balls some attention too. I will worship you of if you do.





“Does she want me to finish now, or during sex?”

I don’t know if I’m supposed to hold back right now because we’re having sex after this, or if I’m supposed to finish. I can definitely finish if that’s the idea…






“I’m afraid I might finish soon!”

Okay enough! If we’re supposed to have sex, she better stop now!








“But if I stop her, she could be offended”

What is the polite way to call her up from down there anyways?


“Do I return the favor every time?”

Am I selfish if I just go straight for intercourse now? Because, I’m seriously ready for that now.

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