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You might think these are essentials, but when a man sees you pull out your credit card for any of these costs, he hears cash flushing down a toilet. Here are 15 female expenses men think are a waste of money.







Girls’ nights out

When men want to get together with close friends and drink, they buy a 30-pack and sit on a couch. Women spend money on cab fair, bar covers and expensive cocktails.



So, just to be clear: both razors have three blades, but one is $4 and the other is $12 because one has a plastic handle and one has a “comfort grip.” A “comfort grip?” You’re not cutting down a tree with that thing!



Now entire salons exist that are dedicated just to blowouts. These run between $30 and $45. When a man hears that he thinks, “You could buy four blow dryers for that money!”







Nice workout clothes

If you look at most men in the gym, they’re working out in the t-shirt from their high school track team. Meanwhile, women are putting Lulu Lemon on their wish list because it’s so pricey but “necessary.” Apparently.






To men, a haircut is a haircut is a haircut. The point of a haircut is to make your hair shorter than it was when you went into the salon. Men do not understand how one person can charge $30 to use scissors, and another can charge $200 to use scissors.



Most men prefer women with minimal makeup to begin with—too much makeup makes them feel they’re not looking at the actual person they’re dating. But they really don’t understand how there are super market-sized stores selling just makeup.





A taco at one restaurant is $3, and at another restaurant it’s $12. Women say they “pay for the ambiance” and men are like, “No. I’m paying for a tortilla and pork. And I could make a dozen tacos at home for $12.”



Men do not spend $100 a month on skin toner/moisturizer/night cream/eye cream and somehow their faces are not falling to the floor.


Designer labels

Men cannot tell the difference between a Forever 21 t-shirt and a Versace t-shirt. They only know that you’re eating canned beans for the rest of the week because you spent too much on a t-shirt.




High heels

This is what a man thinks about high heels: you pay for pain? If you’re such a masochist, why won’t you let him whip out the whips and chains in the bedroom?









Women have an outfit for every mood they might be in. And there are plenty of those. Men have an outfit for every type of season. And they count just four seasons—no “autumn.”








An Essence subscription can run around $12 to $15 these days. Aren’t those interviews just online, too?











The only difference men realize is full bush or not full bush. It pains them to think you pour hot wax on yourself to attack the subtleties in between.














Women generally patronize nutritionists more than men do. When men want to lose weight they figure, “Less red meat, carbs and beer.” They don’t pay someone to tell them that.


Whatever all other women are wearing

Men do not understand why women spend any money on something all the other women are currently wearing. And those things tend to be expensive. (Remember the Ugg crisis of the early 2000’s?)

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