Pharrell Concerned About Mike Brown’s “Bully-ish” Ways

November 26, 2014  |  

Pharrell Williams appears on the cover of Ebony magazine this month. And while he touches on a variety of different topics, the discussion that stands out the most is his rather uncomfortable comments on Michael Brown Jr.’s life and death. When asked about his thoughts on surveillance footage of Brown stealing cigars from a convenient store minutes prior to his death, the producer questioned why Brown’s action’s weren’t being discussed.

“It looked very bully-ish; that in itself I had a problem with,” Williams explained. “Not with the kid, but with whatever happened in his life for him to arrive at a place where that behavior is OK. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

Now in the producer’s defense, this interview was conducted prior to Sunday’s verdict; however his comments still don’t really seem appropriate (at least not right now) considering that this child was murdered. Perhaps Brown’s behavior could be explored at a later date, but doing so as the world sat around praying and hoping that his killer is brought to justice doesn’t seem like the best time.

Later in the interview, he made it clear that regardless of his behavior, Michael Brown did not deserve to die, but this didn’t seem to make his prior question sting any less.

“I believe that Ferguson officer should be punished and serve time. He used excessive force on a human being who was merely a child. He was a baby, man. The boy was walking in the middle of the street when the police supposedly told him to ‘get the f–k on the sidewalk.’ If you don’t listen to that, after just having pushed a storeowner, you’re asking for trouble. But you’re not asking to be killed. Some of these youth feel hunted and preyed upon, and that’s why that officer needs to be punished.”

While discussing Ferguson, Williams also questioned President Barack Obama failing to find his way to the heartbroken city.

“Wow. I do not want to get myself in trouble, but I felt like the president should have gone down there. I think sending Attorney General Eric Holder was a kind gesture, but the president should have gone. He didn’t have to go and take a side; all he needed to do was show his presence and everybody would have straightened up. But he didn’t go.

I won’t fault him. He’s a man with a lot of weight on his shoulders, but I personally would have gone because being a ‘man of the people’ means you’re right there with them in it. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. led by example.”

Check out Pharrell’s full interview here.

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