Pharrell Concerned About Mike Brown’s “Bully-ish” Ways

November 26, 2014  |  


Pharrell Williams appears on the cover of Ebony magazine this month. And while he touches on a variety of different topics, the discussion that stands out the most is his rather uncomfortable comments on Michael Brown Jr.’s life and death. When asked about his thoughts on surveillance footage of Brown stealing cigars from a convenient store minutes prior to his death, the producer questioned why Brown’s action’s weren’t being discussed.

“It looked very bully-ish; that in itself I had a problem with,” Williams explained. “Not with the kid, but with whatever happened in his life for him to arrive at a place where that behavior is OK. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

Now in the producer’s defense, this interview was conducted prior to Sunday’s verdict; however his comments still don’t really seem appropriate (at least not right now) considering that this child was murdered. Perhaps Brown’s behavior could be explored at a later date, but doing so as the world sat around praying and hoping that his killer is brought to justice doesn’t seem like the best time.

Later in the interview, he made it clear that regardless of his behavior, Michael Brown did not deserve to die, but this didn’t seem to make his prior question sting any less.

“I believe that Ferguson officer should be punished and serve time. He used excessive force on a human being who was merely a child. He was a baby, man. The boy was walking in the middle of the street when the police supposedly told him to ‘get the f–k on the sidewalk.’ If you don’t listen to that, after just having pushed a storeowner, you’re asking for trouble. But you’re not asking to be killed. Some of these youth feel hunted and preyed upon, and that’s why that officer needs to be punished.”

While discussing Ferguson, Williams also questioned President Barack Obama failing to find his way to the heartbroken city.

“Wow. I do not want to get myself in trouble, but I felt like the president should have gone down there. I think sending Attorney General Eric Holder was a kind gesture, but the president should have gone. He didn’t have to go and take a side; all he needed to do was show his presence and everybody would have straightened up. But he didn’t go.

I won’t fault him. He’s a man with a lot of weight on his shoulders, but I personally would have gone because being a ‘man of the people’ means you’re right there with them in it. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. led by example.”

Check out Pharrell’s full interview here.

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  • MuffinGirl

    Whether he is right or wrong is not an issue as much as the forums these people use are bad. Why don’t these so called stars ever rent a place and call a “neighborhood” meeting instead of feeding into conflicts which will NEVER be understood by the folks who give them air time.

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  • Dawnsana

    So he said that the President should have been there my question is, was Pharrell there?

  • Mir

    I agree with Pharell and the things on this board are extremely critical. Also, the author took one line he said and used it for the title of the article. That is not objective. I am AA but the problem with our community is that people can’t even say one thing that is a bit “unpopular” without getting labeled an Uncle Tom. He said in the interview that he believed Michael Brown didn’t deserve to die. However, he was not totally innocent either. I have been totally harassed by lower vibrational African-American (and others, but sadly mostly AA males) in urban inner cities in my life. So if I say they were bullies, that is correct. If I then follow my statement by, “they didn’t deserve to die just because they were bullies,” that is fair too. Instead of arguing about what Pharell said, I think it is about moving forward; trying to support appropriate causes (i.e. boycotting and having solidarity as a race against injustice/racism); becoming unified with each other as AAs instead of tearing each other down; and remembering the importance of aligning and loving ALL human beings regardless of race. I also think we need to examine the multi-layered reasons for the internalized racism AAs have against each other (which is exhibited from bullying each other to killing each other). The purpose of being here on Earth is love and forgiveness. Too bad many people of ALL colors forget that.

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  • Jason Bonhome

    Until black folks march to stop the mass killings of young black men, by OTHER YOUNG BLACK MEN, your protests are just hypocritical racist tripe which is BLIND to the violent reality which YOUNG BLACK MEN CREATE.

  • Dahlia

    Why are black people always to quick to publicly criticize another black person but you don’t see white people doing that even if said white person is clearly in the wrong? Why isn’t Pharrell calling out white supremacy and systematic white racism? Oh I forgot. They sign his checks.

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  • Mercedes Hardy

    Why does everyone keep saying he was just a kid? He was over the age of majority, and therefore legally an adult. If he did behave in the manner that the former officer described, then, while shooting him went way overboard, he did commit a crime, as an adult, and should have been aware of (and prepared for) the potential consequences of those actions. If that wasn’t the case, then I hope the officer feels the weight of his rash decision, and has to deal with guilt for the rest of his life. Either way, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, and RIP Michael Brown. Also, regardless of whether the officer felt threatened, there was an imbalance of power, considering one man was armed and the other wasn’t. I do feel that he should have been charged and tried, but unfortunately, the justice system rarely goes against one of their own. Anyways, that’s just my opinion.

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  • Notmycandy

    Whites who commit crimes have mental issues. Blacks who commit crimes are thugs. It came be the same crime committed by different races but have very different outcomes.

  • Suchalady

    I can’t believe what I’m reading in these comments. I expected such insensitivity and buffoonery from Pharrell at this point but everyone is acting like they know for a fact that it was Mike Brown on that surveillance tape. Even so, since when is stealing cigs a crime punishable by death?

    • Just Observing

      That’s what has been missing; it isn’t definitive that Mike Brown is the one on the tape. Additionally, the store owner and a clerk dismissed the notion that Mike Brown was stealing, last I heard. The sad thing about the US is this: one only need to put the narrative out there enough and folks will buy it hook, line, and sinker without even investigating the charge. If the store owner dismissed this”Michael Brown robbed the store” story, then why are people, even blacks, still buying into it?

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  • Frank

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  • a. d.

    Whoever that was in the video was some one very dangerous. Imagine him doing that to you or some one close to you.

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  • Yeah-I-Said-It

    I hope he gets gunned down by police, dies, and rots in “New Black” h.e.l.l.

  • Guest

    I wholeheartedly agree. It should be apart of the discussion whether the young man is dead or alive. He didn’t deserve to die, but for every action there is a reaction. Actions have consequences. Make it apart of the conversation.

  • TK

    He is saying what needs to be said. That kind of behavior is too often accepted and glorified in Black America. Did he deserve to be killed, hell no! Did that officer deserve to be indicted, put on trial and convicted, hell yes!!! But we have to first want and do better by ourselves before we expect the rest of America to do so. I have a lil guy and I’m afraid for him when the world begins to see him as a threatening Black man and no longer as a cute little boy. So all I can do is teach him the proper way to behave and make decisions and the rest is out of my hands. You will always have fools who don’t value out boys life but people we have to value it more.

    • Maggie

      Although I agree that we need to do better as a people, black men don’t have to be ‘well-behaved’ or ‘non-threatening’ to not be targeted. So many black men believe that if they speak and act well, the families of others will respect you (i.e. white people’s acceptance). That’s when the wake up call happens.

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  • Orlando Jones

    I’m confused but then again I guess I’m not. But somewhere along the line when can our behavior not be called into question. We justify everything especially if racism is involved. We burning down our own neighborhood bc of the non indictment. At what point does OUR behavior comes into play…

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  • aguy

    I was wondering if that very topic had come up with all thats going on. Let’s not deny the fact that a young black man was killed and a community is suffering, but Pharrell is correct, it was the “bully-ish” actions that got him killed. Forget the theft of about a dollars worth of cigars to go smoke. And lets also forget that he assaulted the lil store owner on his way out the door without paying for em. Thats just petty theft and maybe a simple assault charge. Very upstanding. But even when the cop approached the two on foot in his cruiser, thats where the teachings of the parents should’ve come into play. Or just common sense. Please tell me, who steps toward a cop thats still in the car to try and confront him ? When witnesses say that he did head towards the scared cop with a gun , it was decided then and there. We saw what happened in the stairwell in New York last week and got reminded that the police are ,in fact, scared of black youth. So if we’ve all known that for decades, why do certain young people think that it’s “cool” to run up on a cop. There are regular citizens in cars now with guns , and if a person that looked like MB walked/ran up on them in that car , he wouldnt even make it to the window. Tragic , of course, but this could’ve been prevented or gone down a different road. Maybe the road where MB is waiting for the preliminary hearing with his parents, ALIVE and not the outcome that we have today. Please let’s teach our youth so they can make the right decision.

  • titi

    They just don’t understand the implication of this genocidal
    killing. It is not about brown and his petty crime. It is about a brand new
    tactic of mass murder of guilty and innocent black people in the name of law
    and order. The number of this trend is about to propagate like in Brasilia where
    the policy is been mastered thanks to a silent, docile black community. Allow this
    new MASS-KILLING method thrives and he pharrell won’t be safe in his own mansion.
    Any white police can take him down without consequence.

  • Pray4ya!

    Yes it is too soon to discuss Mike Brown’s behavior in the convience store. Sick of media and others changing the natrrarive to everything but this kid being killed. Did Pharrell go to Ferguson? No, you are not the president but you have status “with some of these youth that feel hunted and preyed upon.” All you havw to do, Pharrell, is show your presence and that you care and people will straighted up. Stop putting everything on Prez. He is dammed if he goes and dammed if he does not. Don’t be too far removed from your people Pharrell. We share same skin tone which means you are subjected to the same discrimination that the rest of us receives.

  • TrillProphecies93

    Pharell needs to speak on the murderous ways of white kids that shot up schools, movie theaters, and their own parents! They are the most aggressive race not us! He needs to sit his new black @ss down! Cause new black or old black they are still shooting us down!

  • DH

    Well…if you look at that ghetto a** mama and the stepdad that looks everybit 22 years old…that tells u what went wrong with the bully.

    • Shea2shy

      Do you know that woman? Have you talked to her? Stop making assumptions of how you think people are.., thats exactly what whites do to black ppl… Do better!!

      Parents don’t raise their children to break laws and act a fool and I’m not saying Mike Brown did but he surely did not deserve to die like that regardless of if he did rob a store prior to the incident.. He was deprived life by an officerjd who could have shot him in the leg…

      • DH

        I would say the family is disfunctional and that had a lot to do with what mike brown did. I agree police injustice against us is still an issue. But…look at the killing and shooting stats any weekend in st louis or chicago. It is us killing us. That is the real issue to protest against. Of course…that does not get people paid.

        Agree with what someone else said. Wish i could take back my two obama votes. He cant even say the word black. A black president hasnt helped us broadly.

  • Secret87

    This man is crazy. What he did doesn’t mean you die over it. If it was a ww he would know what to say.

  • MocaPretty

    The more Pharrell talks the less intelligent he sounds and the more disconnected he is from reality. He has been so “not black” for the longest time that knee grow thinks he isn’t. I hope he gets a wake up call from a good ole redneck officer one of these days

  • Chey

    What Mike did at that store had nothing to do with that coward’s decision to unload on him and then leave him laying in the street like some dead animal carcass for the world to see. Secondly, voting for Obama was probably the worst decision i’ve made in my 21 years of living. He’s no help.

    • typical ninja behavior

      BS! The video shows that he was already in an aggressive manner.

      • Chey

        Didn’t I just say that the store happenings don’t justify that coward’s actions?! The Aurora movie theater shooter was in a pretty “agressive manner” too but he still made it to the station alive!

        • Justwow

          You better tell them! But they won’t hear you though. How the hell did that guy who actually fired his weapons at people make it alive compared to one kid, aggressive or not, unARMED get shot at 6 times?!?!?!

        • hollyw

          THANK YOU! That shooter was a 20-plus yr old man, whom they called “a boy” and mentally unstable, but Darren Wilson described this kid as “the Hulk” and a demon…that’s not racism?!? GTFOH.

        • Janinthebx

          Let the wrong cops have been out there that day. He would have been taken out full of holes.

  • provokethought

    I think Pharrell said what some people were thinking. The robbery sure doesn’t justify the outcome, but it did not help the situation either.

    • miss black

      He was a bully, he shove someone and took merchandise… He had the nerve to go for a cops gun, and he certainly was a bully and would be alive if…he had been raised better.

      • Justwow

        To assume his parents didn’t raise him well because of HIS actions is unfair. I made mistakes and decisions I KNEW I shouldn’t due to my upbringing but i did it anyway because I wanted to. After a certain point in everyone’s lives parents are no longer their children’s keeper, the child becomes their OWN person and their decisions are just that…their OWN decision(s).

        • Guestest

          “To assume his parents didn’t raise him well because of HIS actions is unfair.” You damn right.

        • Janinthebx

          That might be the case but when children or even adults act up or misbehave many people attribute their actions to “no home training.”

      • Guest

        Darren Wilson’s mother was a con artist & felon. He also came to Ferguson from a Jennings, Mo. police dept that was DISBANDED b/c they had such a poor & contentious relationship with another predominantly black community, where there were multiple charges of police brutality. So there is certainly MORE circumstantial evidence that points to a history of dysfunction on Wilson’s part rather than Mike Browns–which is WHY i believe the cops brought out that video and trolls are all over the net pushing this meme. To try to criminalize him in death. My thing is: If Darren Wilson was that big of a coward & wasn’t intelligent enough to diffuse the situation by talking to Mike Brown like a HUMAN BEING instead of talking to him like he was a dog (and he probably would have spoken to him with more civility if he HAD of been a know white people and their unseemly attachment to their pets, but that’s another jerry springer story)…then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. These people talkin’ out the side of their mouths about Mike Brown caused his own death. Let police start gunning down white boys in the middle of the street & leave them rotting in the sun for hours…& do this repeatedly, across the country..and see if these same fools try to justify it. You and i know that won’t happen. Double standards. Again, like Mike Brown’s mother said, Wilson had some issues he came to the job with that day & he just needed a pretext to kill SOMEBODY that day–and any nigra would do. This is the problem–there are too many psychological cripples hired to police depts across this country who shouldn’t be on ANYBODY’s streets patrolling ANYTHING, including dogs. They need to be in long term therapy some where or behind a desk. Not equipped with military equipment and glocks. Until we honestly deal with THAT, then black people will continue to be used as live, moving targets. With the blessings and support of the state and the white collective and some of their brainwashed, self-loathing sambos too.

  • Exactly, I agree. Parents need to raise their kids to grow up with respect for authority. Quit showing up with a knife to a gun fight. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of this story but these young black men are walking around with an anger and 400 year old chip on their shoulder like they were the ones beaten and abused during the slavery era. Not saying that some of the anger and disappointment is un-warranted but it is time for these young black men to quit walking around like people owe them something.

    When someone’s life is being threatened or it’s unclear where the situation is leading, they’re going to protect themselves as we all have a right to do. If I was in that situation, I’m not concerned with your age or race, I’m concerned with the fact that this person is undermining my authority and my life appears to be threatened. People of all shapes, sizes and ages kill these days. Quit trying to act big and bad and walk away with your life. That’s all I’m saying.

    • T. T.


    • Cinnamon71


    • Notmycandy

      It’s the conditioning of the Jim Crows laws.

    • Janinthebx

      Beautifully written.

    • Marcelo92

      Could not have said it better myself

    • Guest

      Only a fool respects authority that doesn’t respect your basic humanity. I don’t GIVE respect to anyone, you have to EARN that. Maybe that’s the problem: Black peole have been programmed to GIVE without expectation of anything in return for so long we think that crap is normal. It’s not. What it sounds like is a lot of people are confusing FEAR with respect. Not the same thing. If you are scurred, be scurred and move outta the damn way for those of us who ain’t b/c while you are cowering in, beggin in, crying in, praying in, and on your knees with your hands up in surrender–all you are doing is encouraging this cowardly bully to beat you down even more. I don’t know why people don’t get that by now. A bully cannot be pled and reasoned with. The school playground should have shown us that but it just amazes me how many of us have been so programmed and traumatized to accept that crap. It comes down to simple risks & benefits: if my abuse of you has no risks but continual benefits, then WHY would I treat you with anything but contempt? Black amerika is the battered woman and the white collective is the abusive, psycho batterer. Some of y’all seem to like this & defend your batterer than he defends himself. Classic batterer syndrome. Sad.

  • Fortunate

    Actually Pharrel dismissed the talented white guy and kept the young black guy; I thought the decision was crazy, because clearly the white male was a better singer. I think that Pharel is entitled to his opinion as is anyone but the main focus shouldn’t be on the young black male but on how the situation with the police officer was handled. I don’t think stealing is ever a good idea and we should pay more attention to our children, but that does not give anyone the right to shoot an unarmed person six times

    • Yea now the shooting 6 times is definitely excessive but yet again the young black man is the one that is dead. People need to quit doing illegal stuff expecting to walk away because it’s a white cop and we think we’re going to get off because our ancestors were slaves. If you do something illegal expect consequences. Too many young black men disregarding authority, especially if the cop is white and then end up dead. We can blame the cops all we want to but the issue starts with us.

      • Guest1

        Why are black people expected to be virtual saints when everything whites have is STOLEN? How’d they get this country? Stole it. How’d your, what I’m assuming is black arse get over in this hemisphere? Yo ancestors were STOLEN…And from what I’ve read, Pig Wilson knew nothing about the alleged theft what Mike Brown either did or didn’t do in that store has no bearing on him being murdered out in the street.

        • And that’s exactly why nothing has changed. People are still living in the past. And matter of fact, as an African-American woman, I surely would not want to be living in “SOME PARTS” of Africa where the men are raping, killing, and torturing people, so please………

          You can’t be a virtual saint going around stealing, robbing and expecting to come at someone in authority and walk away. All I’m saying is that 1.) if he wasn’t doing anything illegal to begin with he would still be living on this earth and 2.) if he would have just gotten arrested or received a warning he would still be living on this earth. His own choices led him there. When we will stand up and take my responsibility for our own actions?

          If we already have a target on our backs like people like to say then why expand the target even the more by placing ourselves in uncompromising positions?

          • Castro

            I agree, don’t make yourself a target. Sad..but I heard a lot about this case, but I did not know that he was stealing moments before the police arrived. I guess us black folks overlook stuff (stealing) like that because that’s considered normal.

            • I don’t understand why the young men now-a-days (even though I’m young too lol) continue to do certain things and expect to get over on the law. If you’re doing something illegal or you’re in a compromising position (i.e. fight, out of control party etc) I don’t understand why they escalate the situation. This is not the time to play Django this is the time for you to make sure you walk away from that situation alive and well.

            • Justwow

              Are you serious? So stealing is synonymous with black people? It’s sad enough that we have to deal with ignorant, racist, stereotypical thinking from others but if you are black don’t be a part of the problem. I can’t speak for all people but I think no one is speaking about him stealing because of the bigger picture, that he was without a weapon and was gunned down like an animal and was treated as such after his death. I don’t think anyone is belittling or ignoring his theft but there is a much bigger picture in the overall story.

            • Guest

              Again, how’d whites GET most of what they HAVE? Grand theft larceny, baby and don’t you forget it. Cuz I sure won’t.

          • KC

            And that’s exactly why nothing has changed. People are still living in the past. And matter of fact, as an African-American woman, I surely would not want to be living in Africa where the men are raping, killing, and torturing people, so please………

            What????? That’s a terrible stereotype and it’s racist! Wtf!?

            • Maybe I should have said some parts of Africa. ****DISCLAIMER: Not every part of Africa is conflicted or all the people in Africa rapists and killers!!!!!****

              It wasn’t intended to come across as offensive or racist and by focusing on that one comment than the bigger picture takes away from everything that I was speaking on in my comment. I forget sometimes that I’m commenting on a public blog and certain things may be taken out of context.

          • C.

            You sound really ignorant, Amerikka, Africa etc. all deal with rape epidemics. Amerikkka does a great job making Africans look like savages, but go read a book before you regurgitate lies.

          • Justwow

            Please don’t be ignorant. You’re trying to tell me the WHOLE huge continent that is Africa and that’s what you take from it. Aren’t people taping and killing people here as well? If you said the vast grand disparity regarding the very rich and the very poor then I would understand. I’m not even sure what else was said because your first paragraph offended me so.

            • Please see response to KC regarding this. I should have said some parts of Africa, not all, failure on my part to be more specific in my comment.

          • hollyw

            No, “things have not changed” b/c racism still lives and white people hold majority of the police force, the army, the Navy, the Reserves, the House, and now, the Senate. To be clear.

            • Racism lives in some black people too. Racism is everywhere, regardless of what race, but continuing to go around and act like Black people don’t have a part in the problem is not getting us anywhere either.

              • hollyw

                Don’t denigrate the effects of systematic racism. That is clearly what I was referring to. If you can convince yourself that you can control out future by the way we present ourselves to the majority, you are diluting yourself. But if it makes you feel better to think you can control the black destiny w/o any real power in this world, without any type of social movement, but by simply acting “proper”, then go ahead.

          • JosephMichael

            People are living in the Past?What are you talking about?We are stuck in the past mostly due to systematic and systemic racism that is bascially “quantum theory” level deep.And to say that if..”IF we already have a target on our backs like people say?” We did not place that target on ourselves.You must be a part of the “new black”. This ,slowly growing segment of our black population that is so tired of being oppressed in your own lives that you feel you might as well truly try assimilation and see if you are received better by those like minded and other races outside of your community.You know..the ones that are constantly saying things like..”I just don’t get it my people were so and so and we don’t do what the blacks do..Blah.or the “Black people ask for trouble they are just lazy”..whatever.I try not to comment on these sites because I feel that most of what is said is rubbish anyways.However,When I see a black woman.I might add a seemingly intelligent,well spoken and God fearing and attractive one as yourself say stuff like this? I am just left a bit angry and confused.I start thinking though that maybe you have never read The Destruction of a Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams, The Rise of the Colored Empire or The Rising Tide of Color Against -White World Supremacy.Look those last 2 books up.When you see when they were written and understand the science behind them then maybe you will understand a little better that we have put no target on ourselves.That was put there by white people and they have yet to truly help us remove it nor stop taking aim.Have a blessed Season

            • Guest

              Tell them. Please. I don’t even believe that’s a black person anyway. People swipe some random avatar and troll on sites like this and pretend to be black to give themselves some ‘legitimacy’. Yes, are there the Armstrong Williams & shelby steeles of the world..but they are not gonna be trolling on MN. Smacks of CoIntelpro to me. Your hard-earned tax $ at work. What a waste. And the past? The past, like August 9th? That’s how far ‘the past’ is? Or yesterday or whatever day it was where I read they found ANOTHER dead black man in a burning car near where Mike Brown was killed. Sounds like some KKK/cop crap to me. But you got fools talkin bs about the ‘past’. I don’t know if that’s just willful ignorance or inbreeding. But it’s not cute.

            • MuffinGirl

              LOL you sound like a couple of my sons. It really pains me reading these posts. I am a parent of several and I do mean several AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES. All are grown and college educated except one who is still in high school. I did not read or follow this story because it would just make me too sad. A few years ago I had the misfortune of losing my home to real estate fraud. I raised
              my sons while being homeless and I did it in a major city not very kind to black men. I also had to fight folks to allow my sons to even go to
              school. Their lives could have been a ightmare but…They are happy, respectful, handsome, well spoken and FUNNY as hell. The one thing I am bbmost proud of apart from how cool they are in spite of what they went through? They have chosen BLACK women who appreciate them and me for the way they turned out. So when you run into a Sistah that you can not
              talk to and it sounds as if she has no compassion or has a scolding tongue, and probably has no real understanding of what America really has done to all of us? Laugh and be grateful that “SHE” does “NOT” have
              your back! Anyone that can not offer you a solution to what they are complaining about is not worth the time! She may seem bright but may only be articulate and not well read or well learned!

          • Guest

            Ok, so what do you think the reasons were for the killings of: Sean Bell? For Abner Louima? For Amadou Diallo? For the brotha recently with the sandwich? What, Sean Bell seemed menacing and happy after having come from his bachelor party with friends? Abner Louima’s butt hole looked menacing since the 2 cops held him down & sodomized him with a broom handle? Were they feeling threatened, you think? Amadou Diallo was shot 50 something times! And what was so menacing about him? Apt keys. So you can TRY to justify these state-sanctioned murders all you want…until it’s YOU or yours. Breathing While Black. THAT’s what’s threatening to them. Period.

      • Castro

        Girl you said a mouthful then…Love it

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    I agree with pharrell. I just think he worded it wrong. But I get what he was tryna say

    • T. T.

      I absolutely get what he’s trying to say & I agree as well.

    • MiaSara

      I do as well! I’m tired of protesting and caring abt the lives of others more than they do themselves which this young mans reckless actions in the store showed. If the cop didn’t kill him, the store owner could have for stealing.
      He obviously had very little regard for his own life so why should I?

      • Guest

        You are lacking common reasoning skills. IF that was Mike Brown on THAT
        day in THAT store, then why did the store owner say HE DID NOT call the
        cops on that day & HE didn’t release that video? If it WAS a
        shoplifting incident, why wouldn’t he have called the police after the
        person shown shoving & menacing him, left? And why did it take the Ferguson PD days to release the video? I’m assuming since it
        was neighborhood store, Mike Brown was a frequent visitor. I’m sure he
        would have been able to identify him. The point is: people want to make
        this about the VICTIM b/c they are too cowardly & morally bankrupt
        to question the REAL issue here: the rampant & racist SYSTEM in this
        country. Why is it that white accused serial murderers can make it from their homes to jail to court with nary a scratch but a black man who is ALLEGED to have stolen some damn cigarillos can be justifiably gunned down in the middle of the street with multiple bullets & his body left to rot & fools like you THINK that’s acceptable? But then again, this is nothing new. Emmett Till’s murderers were defended & protected by the very same kind of cretins 60 some years ago. If
        anything, that tells you all you need to know about how ‘far’ this
        country has really come in regards to race. No where. Zip. Zilch. Zero.
        This country talks a good game, but the proof is in the rancid pudding.

    • Janinthebx

      I sympathize with Mike Brown and his family but I
      agree with Pharells’ statements. His actions and behavior in the store was unacceptable, I Wouldn’t accept that kind of behavior from my own kids.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    If you’re in ferguson … Please be safe. Watch out for each other. Don’t smash up your own ish though ! Go smash up their ish.I really wish I could go there & pass out blankets & water & snacks to Yall. But I cant. Prayers up & hopefully blessings coming down.

    • FromUR2UB

      How about not smashing up any stuff. You smash up your own, nobody’s going to help you rebuild it. You smash up theirs, you get mowed down in a hail of bullets. No win.

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        Let’s be real. That’s not going to happen. Ish going to get broken. But I get what you’re saying.

        • FromUR2UB

          People who don’t own anything go around destroying property. They have nothing to lose so they don’t care. That’s the way they are seen. Not going to happen. Really? And why do you think so many white people support the NRA…why do you think the Missouri Governor called in armed guards…why do some police departments have tanks and military equipment? Go to their neighborhoods and step out of line and you’ll find out how quickly things can escalate.

          • Guest

            I’m sure you said the same thing about those white ‘rioters’ in New Hampshire who looted and showed their natural born butts during a pumpkin festival, didn’t you? Or when whites riot at sporting events? And most businesses in black neighborhoods are owned by outsiders who don’t employ black people nor do anything but take their $ back to their own neighborhoods–so why people say they are tearing up ‘their own’ stuff is beyond me. This is my thing: when whites have to think twice before they come with guns to kill us b/c they KNOW that they may be risking their own lives, then we’ll see a change. As long as we are the only ones dying & there are no consequences, this will continue. I believe: You gotta bring some to get some. Don’t wanna risk it? Then don’t come. Cowards.

            • FromUR2UB

              Since I didn’t make any distinctions between thieves and troublemakers as you’re trying to do, then yes, Stupid, my comments include white looters and anyone else who uses protests as an excuse to steal and destroy. But, let’s narrow the conversation back to the topic at hand. In Ferguson, it was the looters who were the outsiders who came to the protests and created problems for the people who live there, and some of the businesses that were burned and looted were black and locally owned. So, before you try to chastise someone, first make sure you know what you’re talking about. Yeah, it is beyond you. Why don’t you do some reading about the Watts riots, and how businesses left the area and never returned and repairs to structures were never made? Even nearly fifty years later, the destruction remains. Telling people not to do the wrong thing is the right thing. So your priorities are a little screwed up. The answers to complex problems are a little more involved than ‘All you gotta do is…’.

  • May Common Sense Prevail

    Pharell was suspect with me when he dismissed a talented Black man on the voice and kept a less talented White woman.( Yeah, I know he’s the “expert”.) Now, to make the statement he did shows a real insensitivity to the Brown family and the timing is truly inappropriate. Who is he trying to impress?

    • guest

      Timing might be inappropriate. But he’s not wrong.

      • May Common Sense Prevail

        I respect your opinion.

        • yup

          that was the best comment ever.

          • May Common Sense Prevail

            Thanks. Family is arriving, I’m baking. House smells good. Lotta love up in here. Have a safe peaceful Thanksgiving all. R.I.P. Mike Brown.

      • T. T.

        I agree with your comment wholeheartedly.

      • hollyw

        He is, indeed. That footage is still alleged. Do you know why? Because Michael Brown, the supposed suspect in the video, was DEAD by the time it surfaced, and not legally able to defend himself or his character, as former Off. Darren Wilson is.

    • Danica is very talented as is Jermyah (or however they spell it.) But anywho Jerimyah still has room to grow compared in his confidence, technique (he’s only 17 or 18) to Danica and I’m sure he will be picked up by a producer immediately. He needs to be on Sunday’s Best anyways. IMO.

      • May Common Sense Prevail

        I like Danica (she can sang, lol) and Jerimiah as well, and Damian. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • roxy

      I take him with a grain of salt anyway. Anybody who ripped off a legend to make music with pie faced Robin Thicke is a joke! Then tried to say it is not the same. GTFOH!!
      Anytime any of his music or Robin Thicke’s music comes on the radio, I turn it off! Robin trying to sound like Marvin Gaye and Pharrell trying to sound like Curtis Mayfield. Biting azz mofos!

      • hollyw

        Lmbo @ “pie-faced”!

    • Jason Bonhome

      Racist crap.

    • Carmen St George

      Maybe he’s trying to impress white women, like all black men do.