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According to the statistics it appears that way. Psychology Today conducted a study to find out how men really feel about the breast size of their significant others, and the result was surprising. Women with small to medium breasts are not deal breakers for guys; in fact they find any woman with breasts appealing regardless of the cup size. But women on the other hand are not so forgiving or accommodating. We make it harder on ourselves based on what the media dictates and of course our own varying insecurities. The study also proves that most women who give into breast augmentation do it as a way to compensate for the other areas in their lives that they find lacking. Most of them are also likely to be suffering from major depression.

The bottom line is that the subject of breasts has always been a bone of contention for women simply because we are just never satisfied with what we have. Either they are too big, too small, not perky enough, or droopy, the list goes on. We have also convinced ourselves that men expect us to walk around with watermelons in order to find us attractive and thankfully that is not the case. Yes, if a woman with large breasts wearing a low-cut blouse happens to be in conversation with someone of the opposite sex, it is expected that he will be slightly distracted. I mean guys are very visual and notice every feature a woman is endowed with but that doesn’t mean they require a caricature version of it– as we are seeing with the increase in butt implants.

But despite the craze with swollen derrieres – breast surgery still remains at the top of the list when it comes to cosmetic procedures in the U.S. This is mainly due to the sexualized element attached to this most talked about anatomy. There is a sense of inadequacy assigned to women who have a modest chest size. My experience with this stems from being around women who have contemplated enlarging their breasts but are halted because they can’t afford it. I am not genetically blessed in that area either but I have strangely never felt the need to alter that and it has not done anything to diminish my sexuality or self-esteem.

None of the men I have dated in the past made me feel less than or made an issue out of the fact that I have small breasts. Perhaps if I had that experience, it may have prompted me to consider getting implants. It may have also worked in my favor that most of my girlfriends who are heavily endowed in that area, complain incessantly about the burden of having large breasts. It isn’t as luxurious as it seems. They point out issues with not being able to find the right bra or even worse debilitating back pain. Big breasted women also can’t get away with some of the stuff women like me can effortlessly wear. I can also literally walk out of the house without wearing a bra (which is the best feeling ever – by the way!) and that is obviously not possible for my counterparts.

But there is also the flip side which is that women with the ability to naturally create an eye-popping cleavage have a way of getting what they want which makes them a threat for those of us who are not as gifted. The saying goes that if you are up for a job and you walk into the interview with the right accessories, your chances could increase. That might very well be a myth but there are enough of us who take it seriously.

Either way, the good news is that guys are not sweating it as much as we are. As usual women are always harder on themselves when it comes to our physical attributes. Big, small or medium – as long as they are attached to your chest, you have won more than half the battle!




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