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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (LHHH) is one of my guilty pleasures. Every Monday night, I sit on the couch with my girlfriend, my laptop, and 1,000 of my closest twitter friends to discuss all the stupidity happening on the show. While this season hasn’t been any more ridiculous than past seasons, the relationship between Yung Berg and Hazel-E has managed to surpass the “lofty” standards set by seasons prior. The sordid interaction between these two has provided plenty of confusion, and yet, not an ounce of sympathy. Women are often telling men at the outset of a relationship (however you define that is up to you) “don’t lie to me. Tell me exactly what you want so I know where I stand.” In Berg’s case, he’s done exactly that and Hazel still seems confused, which makes their screentime both exhilarating and incredibly painful to watch.  Ladies (but most certainly not men) might be surprised to know that what is happening between Hazel-E and Berg isn’t an uncommon occurrence. But before we get into that though, let’s do a quick recap of Berg and Hazel’s relationship.

At the outset of the show, it’s clear the relationship between Hazel E and Yung Berg is a one-sided affair. Hazel often refers to Yung Berg as though he’s her boyfriend while Berg is tepid, at best, about his feelings on committing to Hazel. Hazel constantly begs Berg to reaffirm his feelings for her in hopes that he feels the same way she does, only for Berg’s response to put Hazel into an emotional tailspin. Though there are a litany of situations to choose from regarding these two and their “relationship,” there are two that stand out the most. The first is Berg plainly telling Hazel exactly where he fits in her life and the second is him showing how much respect, or lack thereof, he has for her in public.

The first situation took place while both were in the studio. During the conversation where Hazel is trying to get Berg to commit, he tells her: “You know I got a different girl every day of the week and that’s how I want to live my life. If you can’t live with me, then live without me.” Hazel is heartbroken, unable to understand why the man she’s been sleeping with for almost a decade cares so very little about being in a relationship with her. Another scene finds these two on yet another couch, this time the morning after Berg and Hazel had sex. The viewers find Berg playing on his phone while Hazel walks out to join him. Hazel inquires as to why Berg is on the couch to which he responds, “You know I don’t do that lovey-dovey ‘ish and cuddling and all that.” An argument quickly ensues while discussing Berg’s plans for taking Hazel to an award show. Berg tells Hazel he “doesn’t want to be on front street” and Hazel accepts his explanation. Later, Berg goes to the award show with another woman and is approached by Hazel. Hazel references the conversation about why Berg didn’t want to go with her and Berg responds by kissing his date in front of Hazel. Embarrassed, Hazel throws her drink at the couple and storms off.

What I can’t understand about Hazel is why will she refuses to take “no” for an answer. Berg has disrespected her at almost every turn of this show, at one point describing her as “delusional.” Another argument between the two found them at a crossroads in their relationship where Berg, having had enough of Hazel’s inquiries about the two of them together, says “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me. You’re talking to me as if you’re my girlfriend or wife or something” with an attitude no self-respecting person would allow someone to speak to them with. As a result of the scene, many seem to believe Hazel is simply an idiot who can’t take a hint, while some ladies also thought Hazel’s behavior was an extreme example that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. If you find yourself in alignment with either of those views I’m here to tell you: you’re wrong. Situations like Hazel-E are closer to “a dime a dozen” than they are to “one in a million.” I’ve got a lifetime of stories of women I was sexually interested in who wanted far more out of a relationship than I did and simply wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I can assure you that I’m not the only man with these kinds of stories. While there are plenty of instances in which men lead women to believe one thing and hit them with something completely different, there are plenty of occasions where the truth is told from the outset and some women simply refuse to accept that truth.

Hazel-E and her relationship with Berg isn’t much different from any other woman who finds herself involved with a man who doesn’t want the same thing out of a relationship she does. These types of women have convinced themselves it’s the man making the mistake, not them. They also believe if men could just see how loyal, faithful, freaky, and down for the cause they’ve been, they will wake up one day and realize she’s the one he needs to be with. Hell, to keep it one hundred, I’d bet the money I make from this post there are women reading this who were laughing at Hazel-E and are in (or have been) in a very similar situation with all the knowledge as to why Hazel-E should leave Berg but they can’t leave their own version of Yung Berg in real life. Pot. Kettle. Suffice it to say, sometimes you don’t need to decipher what a man is saying. If his actions and words are in concert, ladies, move accordingly.



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