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You don’t start fights, you don’t create drama, you don’t take issue with things…per say. But you know some things upset you, even if you’re really laid back, and you probably secretly punish your man these ways sometimes.

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When he hangs out with a female friend

You’re a cool girlfriend—sure you are! You don’t mind your boyfriend hanging with his female friends without you. Nope. That is fine. You don’t have a thing to say about it. However…

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You’re going to hang with your male friends

Hey, if he’s testing your patience and sense of trust, why shouldn’t you test his? You don’t say this out loud, but you do happen to have plans with a male buddy. You swear you always had them. You didn’t just make them right now…

Pillow Talk

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When he takes too long to come to bed

You go to bed, and you tell him to “take your time!” You swear you’re not waiting up for him. He can keep playing video games. Meanwhile…

Problems in the bedroom...

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You wait up, but pretend to go to sleep

You are waiting to see if he cares enough to come to bed while you’re still awake, so when he takes too long and finally does come to bed, you pretend to be asleep. And when he tries to initiate sex, you pretend you’ve been passed out for hours—can we say mind games?

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When he’s too busy with work

You totally get it! You’re supportive of his career! Sometimes work has to come first. You want him to be successful. You’re not the least bit resentful that date night has been postponed seven times due to his work. Well, sort of…

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You’re too busy, too!

Of course, when he does finally have a night to make that date night happen, now you’re “suddenly” too busy with work. How does that feel?! I mean, um, gosh sorry…

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When he takes too long to call you back

Hey life happens. Maybe he left his phone at home and went out for the afternoon. Maybe it died. Maybe he didn’t have service. You’re available whenever he is ready to talk. Or are you…

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Now you can’t answer

Admit it: when your guy has made you wait for a call back for too long, when you see his name pop up on your phone, you’ve let it go to voicemail.

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When he goes out of town without you

You get it—sometimes a guy has to go on a boy’s weekend away. Sometimes guys just can’t really let loose unless there are no women around for the weekend. You’re happy for him that he makes this time to go away with his friends. And while he’s gone…

friends using a sparkler togetherness on the beach

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You’re doing everything without him

Well, you just happened to be by the movie theater when the movie that you said you’d see with him was playing. And you and your friends go to the Beer Olympics and post lots of pictures on Facebook, even though you’d never go with your boyfriend when he begged.

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When he won’t come out

He’s tired. You feel for the guy. It’s okay he no longer will come with you to your friend’s party even though he said he would. You’ll go without him. Under one condition…

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You’re going in your hottest outfit

Just so he knows, you’re going to be running around in front of other guys in the most drool-worthy outfit you have.

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When he doesn’t listen to you

You’re trying to talk to him about something happening at work. Maybe you’re about to get a promotion, or not get a promotion. He isn’t listening. He is too stressed with his own stuff. That’s alright. You understand…

Stop blaming everything on me!

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You don’t tell him anything

You just don’t tell him when you then do or don’t get that promotion. He has to find out through the grapevine. And when he asks, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” you say, “You seemed so stressed out I didn’t want to bother you.” Major guilt trip.

Tea Time

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When he insists on eating where he wants to eat

You’re planning a date and discussing places to eat. He is insistent on going to a place you really don’t want to go to. So you give in. But not completely…

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You eat at home

Hey you told him you didn’t want to eat there! But he was pushy, so you eat at home, and when you sit at the restaurant and the server comes to take your order you say, “Oh I’m not hungry.” And everyone thinks your boyfriend is a jerk as he eats and you sit there, with nothing in front of you.

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