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In our lifetime, it is possible to have several jobs and maybe even several careers. That’s the nature of the work world we live in: no one says that you have to maintain a “traditional” sense of career in this economy. Still, we all say that you should love what you do and use your special gifts where they actually belong, not where they happen to belong because you somehow “fell into” a particular track. Here are telltale signs that you’re in the wrong career.

1. You don’t just hate your job; you hate every other job related to it
Every job in a field is related to another job in the same field. That’s why it’s called “a field.” Essentially, you can have different players kicking around the ball, but you’ll be working with the same kind of ball, the same audience and the same game–in the same field. You can’t have basketball happening in a football field and vice versa. So, if you’re finding yourself hating your job, and the job of the person next to you, and the job of your executives and even the job of the clients with whom you work, if you work with clients, then you’re definitely in the wrong career. Leave.

2. You lose interest in assignments easily
Before you’re even given a task, you hate it with a passion, and you want no part in creatively contributing to the task. You also have no desire to “win” within the task, as Charlie Sheen put it. If that’s the case, then you’re in the wrong career, and need to find what really gets you fired up and ready to go!

3. You frequently dream of doing something else
Everyone daydreams, but if you can’t sustain a moment of pride and enjoyment in what you do and you’re frequently dreaming of performing another job, then you just might be on the wrong career track. Talk to a counselor and figure out how to match the skill sets you have with careers that are available to you. Figure out which careers you don’t mind accelerating within, and you’d have figured out the key to finding the right career.

4. When you update your resume, you use descriptions and language from another field
If you’re updating your accountant resume with words and phrases that sound like you’re a dancer or a teacher, then you need to ascertain what your subconscious is trying to tell you! Language always provides clues as to who you really are, and choices that really interest you. Pay attention to your language, and you’ll find clues about where you belong career-wise.

5. You’re not skilled enough
Simply put, you look around you and you don’t have the skills to meet or beat your colleagues and your supervisors. If further training doesn’t help you, then you’re in the wrong career path. Find a career in which your skills are competitive, natural and almost difficult to challenge. If you cook like no other, think about becoming a chef. If nobody can mess with you when it comes to numbers, think about a “numbers” job. If you’re a hell of an artist, without question, then choose a profession that relies on your artistry. Don’t apologize for your talents: nurture them and use them to excel.

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