Why College Relationships Shouldn’t Exist Past College

September 24, 2014  |  
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So you meet someone senior year of college and fall in love, or, perhaps you’ve been with your same sweetheart since freshman year. It’s tough but, you have to let him go! Maybe your paths will cross again down the line, but staying together now will seriously stunt your growth.

You’ll pass up on moving elsewhere

If you’re offered a job across the country, you’ll probably pass it up to stay with your boyfriend.

You’ll keep him from moving elsewhere

If he’s offered a job somewhere else, he might stay for you. Do you really want to hold him back?

You need to learn what real dating is

Real dating is not getting a text at 11pm asking “What you up to? Wanna meet at a party?” You deserve to experience real dating!

 You won’t expand your group of friends

You’ll not only still be in touch with your college friends but his too, and your friends group will stay very tight knit. Too tight knit.

You need to network outside your college circle

If you want to really learn what career paths are out there for you, or even lifestyles, you need to be forced to network outside your college circle. There’s much more than alumni get together’s.

You’ll move in together too soon

Because it feels like the next logical step, you’ll move in together too soon, and might stay in the relationship even when you’re over it because moving out would be a major pain.

You’ll lose friends

Sorry, but your newly graduated friends who are ready to experience the world are going to be over college boys and ready to meet men.

You don’t really know what you like in bed

Trust me—you don’t. And each individual (eh em, your boyfriend) only has such a large range in the bedroom. Don’t you want to see what else is out there? See what your flavor is?

Graduation should be a little scary

If you really want to feel the drive to build new things for yourself after college, you’ll have to let go of all college comforts, including your guy.

You deserve to be treated

Your recently graduated boyfriend can’t afford to take you on trips and wine tastings and all those things a seasoned salary provide. But plenty of other men in the real world can.

You’ll feel lonely in your new apartment

You’ll go from living with five people to one or zero overnight and you’ll feel so lonely that you’ll be at your boyfriend’s place all of the time or visa versa, which isn’t really healthy for your growth.

You’re missing out on a HUGE new age gap

You’re out of college now! You can date guys in their forties if you want! No self-respecting 38-year-old would date a girl still in college but one year out of college? Hey, graduated is graduated! And older men can teach you so much.

You’ll keep drinking way too much

In college, you started drinking the moment your day’s responsibilities ended until you passed out, and Sundays were started with a mimosa. You and your college guy are bound to keep that up post-college and that’s terrible for your career.

You won’t try new things

You won’t see if maybe you could be a major clubber, or a foodie,  or maybe you’re a yogic guru at heart, or want to volunteer at an orphanage across the world! Every decision you make will be affected by the fact you’re still with your college boyfriend and that will inevitably keep you from growing.

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