How to Pamper a Man

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The “respect” factor

A dear cousin shared the popular saying, “women want love; men want respect.” As such, you can make cutsey-wutsey “I wub yew” statements all day, and your man may enjoy them, but nothing inflates his ego more than you showing him respect. Tell him how impressive his new business idea sounds, and how you’re certain that nobody else can do the job better than he can.

The “touch” factor

Every man seems to love sex, right? But there are so many physical ways, besides intimacy, to show your man that you’re into him. You can’t have sex all the time, e.g. when you two are in the middle of a public space. Still, you can offer light touches, unprompted kisses, massages and sweet physical gestures that are soft in their approach. Doing so will melt him, each and every time.

The ride-or-die factor

Many times your man will fail, or the two of you will have an argument. Many more times, he will be dead wrong. Allow him to apologize. Allow your relationship to go through its ups and downs. But, don’t threaten to bail whenever things don’t your way. Stick around, if he’s worth it, and show him you’re his “ride-or-die chic.” It’s a great way to pamper his emotions and make him feel secure in his relationship with you.

The mothering factor

While we all should be feminist or womanist in our approach (i.e. unapologetic about advocating the proper treatment of all women), it is important that men who deserve our love, experience you as a woman, in very feminine roles. Pick up his shirt from the floor or iron it, cook for him, clear his dishes for him, and essentially “mother” him, in just enough ways. You don’t have to be his slave, but doing those kinds of activities are very good ways to physically show you care. And since men are visual creatures, physical caring works quite well for them!

Again, the huge disclaimer here is that these activities should not be performed for certified a-holes. Pampering should only be reserved for that sweetie pie of yours, whom you love because he treats you magnificently in every way! Besides, you shouldn’t even be with a tool in the first place.

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