“They Call Me Tweety Bird” Cartoon Characters That Were Cool Around The Way

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The news that Hello Kitty was no longer a cat shook me to my core…I kid. But I was more invested and subsequently more heated than I should have been. And it was during this discussion that I realized, there are just some cartoon characters that were staples around the way. Every ‘hood (as in neighborhood. I have to say that before some of y’all get offended.) is different so after you click through be sure to let me know which characters were popular in your area.

Hello Kitty 

When you were a little girl, chances are you or one of your classmates had school supplies decorated with Hello Kitty’s whiskered face. And then when you got a little older, it wasn’t uncommon to see Hello Kitty cell phone cases, nails and car decals.


Betty Boop

These days I don’t see Betty Boop around much. But back in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s. Betty Boop was everywhere. She was so popular around the way, her face was plastered all over clothing. There were even several images depicting Betty Boop as a Black woman. Remember that detail…


Tweety Bird

This is another throwback. But you know Tweety was popular in the hood when your momma, auntie or older cousin knew at least one woman who was nicknamed Tweety or Tweety Bird. And then if a girl got her hair cut exceptionally low or had an unfortunate perm experience, there was a good chance that she would be likened to the Looney Toon.



I don’t know what it is but something about Spongebob really appealed to  teenagers. And as such, Spongebob made appearances on all types of clothing. He was on shoelaces, pajamas, keychains. Everywhere and for everybody. Men, women and children.


Mickey and Minnie

I had seen Mickey and Minnie around the way for years. I remember when I was in third grade I got a gold Mickey Mouse ring. More adults than I could count had a Mickey Mouse watch. My mother still wears one today. And then even Janet Jackson said she had a tattoo of Mickey “doing something” to Minnie. You know she’s a freak.



If you study the history of Elmo, you may know that his character was almost canned. But they gave him a new voice and a friendlier personality and that signature laugh and he was a hit. And not just with the kids. I remember I was almost in high school when I asked for a Tickle Me Elmo, a few years after the pandemonium died down.


Bugs Bunny

It’s not so surprising that people would want to wear Bugs Bunny on everything. Dude was one of the coolest cartoon characters of all time. And his street cred went up—or down depending on your perspective– when Lil Romeo started wearing the iced out Bugs Bunny chain.

Fat Albert

I attribute the reemergence of Fat Albert to the fact that Fubu started featuring the characters on their clothing. A nice nod to a classic.


Garfield seemed to be for the older crowd but I remember quite a few people with the clocks in their homes as a kid.


Pooh almost didn’t make my list until my sister reminded me that he was everything to girls in the neighborhood. From high school and up Pooh was everywhere: bookbags, notebooks, t-shirts even racer jackets.

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