10 Armed White Men Who Did Not Die By the Police

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Cliven Bundy

White Privilege Pass: The 67-year old Mormon and Nevada cattle rancher with over 50 grandchildren garnered national attention when he and his supporters got into a 8-day armed standoff with the federal government following a 20-year battle over $1.1 million dollars in unpaid grazing fees the Federal Bureau of Land Management said he owed for allowing his cattle to eat off of federal land. Despite pointing guns at federal agents, Bundy, who was known for riding around the standoff site on a horse, carrying the American flag, would become a folk hero for the conservative anti-government Right and would even gain some allies within the actual government, in particular Sen. Rand Paul and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller. However some of his supporters would jump ship when Bundy, who again was accused of letting his cattle roam for free for 20 years on government land, accused Blacks of living off of government subsidies and saying that we would have been better off picking cotton in slavery.

According to ABC News, the standoff ended when the BLM backed down and said that it would no longer attempt to seize Bundy’s cattle. Not only would Bundy not spend a minute in jail, some of his comrades would get tazed and arrested. However they all were eventually released back into the comfort and security of White privilege.

Had He Been Black: WHEN they were black, they were called MOVE and in the summer of 1985 Philadelphia local police (not even the feds) ended it’s standoff with the back-to-nature liberation group by dropping two one-pound bombs on their Osage Avenue rowhouse compound, killing 11 people including five children and destroying 60 nearby residencies. For a more detailed explanation of events, I suggest you check out the documentary “Let The Fire Burn,” which is available to stream on Netflix.

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