15 Things “Big Girls” Are Tired Of Hearing

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Tall, short, smart, simple, fat and thin: we’re all different. But for some reason, people think it’s cool to comment if your difference is being plus-sized. In a world where people should all know better, here’s a list of things that “big girls” are tired of hearing. We wish that some of these could go without saying but they really can’t.

You’re Not Fat

If I’m not in denial, why should you be? I’m fat, you’re short, she has big feet. Now we can all move on with our day.

I Know You’re Hungry

If people don’t understand why this is rude, we just don’t know what to say.

Are You Pregnant?

Can we all just get on the same page about never asking someone this question unless you know for sure? Otherwise it is 100% rude.

You Have A Pretty Face

Qualifying someone’s “pretty” is just ugly. The low-key shade is, “you have a pretty face — too bad the rest of you isn’t pretty too.”

I Just Can’t Gain Weight

There is nothing more annoying than a thin person complaining about how much weight she can’t gain — to a plus-sized woman who knows nothing about that life.

Just Don’t Eat So Much

Everyone’s metabolism is different. Some people eat McDonald’s every day and don’t gain a pound. Some people walk by McDonald’s and gain three.

How Did You Let Yourself Get That Big?

I don’t know. How did you let yourself get so rude?

You Should Exercise

This information is only ever helpful if the person you’re talking to doesn’t live on planet earth where everyone already knows that exercise helps you lose weight. And why can’t whoever says this ever remember the last time they went to the gym?

Sure You Want to Eat That?

We don’t know when it became cool to tell other grown people what to do. I am not a child and you are not the food police.

Have You Tried This Diet?

Probably, yes. But thank you for reminding me, again, that you think I should be on a diet.

Men Only Use Fat Women

Why do you only ever hear this from women who have terrible relationship history? Everyone meets all kinds of men no matter what they look like.

I Have Someone I Want You To Meet

It’s always an overweight man. Two people need more in common than the number on the scale.

You’re Not Healthy

Says the skinny woman who lives on value meals, Cheetos and Hypnotiq.

Hey “Big Girl”

Since when did it become cool to call people out? Since never is when.

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