Exclusive: Momma Dee Confirms She’s Dating Brian McKee, Addresses His Marriage To Drea Kelly & Spills Crazy LHHATL Tea

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MN: Can you tell me about your spin-off show with VH1? 

“It’s a cooking competition. I didn’t want celebrity panels like Rachel Ray because what they do is they get it so that it’s made for TV. I wanted some down-home cooking—recipes that have been passed down through the ages, you know, generations. People can cook! Everything is just so celebritized in their food. I want some real down-home cooking.”

MN: So a little birdie told me that you can sing and that you have a single coming out soon. 

“They [Love & Hip Hop Atlanta] had a special segment Thursday and I sung something acapella. What they were doing was preparing for the single release. In two weeks [on the reunion show] you’re going to see. I’m going to perform it live. It will be available on iTunes that night. The single was inspired because a lot of people are always talking about me being in Scrappy’s business and that I should have a life of my own. Well, I do. I do have a life of my own.

What people don’t know is that I was physically abused by my stepfather and my mother allowed it. He used to beat her behind. When she had their child that they had together, no one was able to tell her what to do or hit her, but you let this man hurt two of your kids you had by another man. You let him abuse them and abuse you. So the song is inspired by that. I am actually finishing up to the video to the song. It’s entitled “I Deserve.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman, man, child, straight or gay—everybody deserves to be loved.”

MN: What’s happening with your new clothing line?

“I have the Queen Collection clothing line coming out this fall. It consists of after-five dresses, evening gowns. I am trying to bring the grown and sexy back. I’m trying to show young ladies that you don’t have to show skin to get in. You can cover up your whole body. Sexy comes with being. It’s a mindset. They got it all twisted. They got to show their crotches. They got to show their butt cheeks. Baby, it will get you attention, but the wrong attention. I’m going to bring back evening dresses and A-line dresses like Jackie Kennedy Onnassis. Just to show them, you can be a lady.

This generation don’t even know, the old school, we wore slips under our dresses. You say slip now, they looking at you like, ‘What?’  Seriously, I find that to be appalling. We done got so bootylicious until we forget to have self-respect. Before having respect for everybody else, you need to respect yourself. You ain’t got to show skin baby, just be that queen that you are. Everybody wants to know how to get into the palace. Well, you gotta walk right, think right, talk right, act right to get into the palace. I don’t want just anything coming up in there. You ain’t got to be showing your crotch, your coochie, ain’t nobody down with that. Ain’t nobody coming up in the palace all broken up. They need to see delivered work.”

MN: Exactly what happened at the Nickelodeon Resort? I know that you and Scrappy accused the employees of being racist.

“Jazmine let me tell you something, I’ve always come across to America as being a real person. I never bite my tongue. I am hurt, but I’m not surprised that these types of things are still going on. They had three shows, which they have three hosts come out with microphones on for audience participation. You have a ratio of about 100 White kids and about 65 Black kids. They picking from the pool and they’re picking from the side area. Now, my grandson wasn’t picked. I pushed him out there because I really went over there and took over their stage. I had a couple of blood marys. So he got to be a part of the first show, but he wouldn’t have gotten picked. So you got 15 kids on the stage and you got one Black that got pushed out there. Then you got the second show, Emani jumps on stage and they pushed her back in the water. Emani starts crying, then I see Scrappy making his way through the water. In my head I’m like, ‘Aww sh-t, here it comes.’ We had him wait. Then they called the third show and picked all White kids. That’s when we walked out there. We’re like, ‘What the f–k? You got all these White kids.’ Don’t do that. A lady came up and said, ‘We been here for two days and they been doing that the whole time and they been sitting here picking White kids.’

I mean this. I mean it! ‘Till the day I die I mean this! Don’t believe Momma Dee, go and look at Nickelodeon Channel and look at Disney Channel and see all the White kids who got shows! Do your own research! Look! They let the little girl from the Tyler Perry movies [KeKe Palmer] have her own, but that’s it. They may have one Black child , but the rest of them is White. They keep helping each other and helping them become Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake with the Mickey Mouse Club. They build them up to be the new stars of America. Just like Miley Cyrus. They keep helping the White kids. They become the new movie stars of tomorrow. They usher them right on in. They don’t give the Black kids nothing. Are you saying the Black kids aren’t good enough? They aren’t goo enough to be on stage and be a part of your game? F–k you Nickelodeon. F–k you! Click on the TV, it’s one Black child to twenty actors and actresses. I will go to the NAACP. I will cause some sh-t. My soul is on fire.”

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