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I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’ve been harboring a deep desire to dance.  Every since my aunt Annette made my sisters and I watch a VHS of all of Michael Jackson’s music videos up until “Smooth Criminal” when we were children, I have loved everything that is choreographed and put to music.

However, I’m a little shy to dance on a stage… in front of a crowd… with eyes watching me.  So, I dance in private, while practicing these popular music videos with amazing choreography. And if I was a betting person, I would bet you have too (or at least marveled at them).  Which videos you ask?

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

I don’t know too many people who haven’t tried this choreography at least once.  Honestly, it’s like a classic!  At the most I bet that there have been at least five times in your life that you’ve done the double shuffle with the ghoul hands.  Don’t tell me I’m the only one!

Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”

You could NOT tell my friends and I nothing back in middle school.  Any opportunity to bust the choreography of this song out that came out, we took it with no prejudice!  The video has great choreography that just invites you to try it!

Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna”

While the girls at my school were looking for any reason to break out Aaliyah’s moves, the boys refused to be out done.  Whenever this song came on at any of our dances, the sliding, the shuffling and the shoe removal was all executed.

Too bad I tripped over a pair of shoes once when one of the guys forgot to put his back on… bad times.

Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle”

One of the worst things my parents could have done was put small chairs in me and my sister’s room.  After seeing this video, we would reenact this, from the flipping on the lights, dancing as if we were in front of crates, and also the chair maneuver.  How we never hurt ourselves doing so is beyond me.

Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

This choreography was almost like a force.  So many people were trying to recreate the magic of this one take video by creating their own versions and posting them on Youtube.  Some of the people even got national attention for it.

OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again”

Has anyone else felt like trying this treadmill feat whenever you went into a nearly empty gym and no one else was on the treadmills?  Apparently I’m not alone because my college gym had a sign up for about a week discouraging students from attempting the choreography.

Usher’s “U Don’t Have to Call”

The dance break in this music video was too hot not to attempt.  Even made me contemplate getting Heelys… I didn’t though.

Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”

From the very first tap, this video was everything to me as a child.  I was the biggest Paula Abdul fan!  Even if you didn’t try all of the choreography, please tell me that you at least attempted the knee knocking move at the “Oh oh oh” part in the chorus.

Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step”

Now you couldn’t tell my sister Kelli nothing whenever she did this choreography!  It was just too much fun, and probably a good cardio workout if you do it five times in a row.  I might try that…

MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”

Speaking of a great cardio workout… wooooo!  Just try to do this now!  All of the jumping, and the fact that they didn’t trip over those parachute pants is STILL a marvel.

But I’m not gonna lie, on a great day, I will move from one end of the room to the next hitting that hammer shuffle (at the 1:58 mark).  The funniest thing is watching my daughter try to attempt it, but she can’t touch me!

Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”

If you were an 80s baby (like myself) I would pay you all of the coins in Narnia if you told me that you didn’t try the lean move at least once!  That move is so iconic!

Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”

The choreography to this video is nothing short of impressive.  In a time where not too many singers are dancers (hence why most of these videos are from the 80s and 90s), Justin rocked it out with some moves that were oh so smooth!

Janet Jackson’s “If”

Around this time in my life my mother started really getting into her Christianity.  When my mother saw my sisters and I trying to learn this choreography she put a ban on secular music in the house, and I didn’t watch another music video in my parents’ house until I was a freshman in college (true story).

But I will always hold this video close to my heart, and the dance moves close to my feet.

TLC’s “Creep”

To close out this list, let’s talk about a dance that you can STILL pop off at a party and have at least five people know where you got it from (“That’s the creep!”)

Honorable mentions:

Destiny’s Child’s Soldier (How many women are still attempting that belly/hip roll?  I know I am!)

Michael Jackson’s Beat It (Extra points if you and a friend attempted the knife-fight part.)

Will Smith’s Getting Jiggy With It (So you telling me that you never had an extra shiny sweatsuit, and didn’t pop this out at a family bar-b-que?  Oh, all right…)


Did I miss any of your favorites?  Let’s discuss it in the comment section!

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