Is He Trying To Tell You That He’s Secretly Unhappy?

July 9, 2014  |  
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Men speak another language. And sometimes they don’t say anything at all. He might not have the courage to tell you out loud, but unhappy partners give off plenty of signs that they’re done. Pay attention to the clues and you won’t get blindsided by the end of your relationship.

You Watch Anderson Cooper During Dinner

What started out as comfortable silence has turned into dead air. Now you spend your meal times watching in silence, wondering what he’s thinking.

He’s Working Your Last Nerve

Suddenly he’s following you around the house bugging you about everything from the dry cleaning to what you did that day at work. All of that extra attention could be a sign that he feels he’s not getting enough from you.

You’re In This California King Bed

And it’s starting to feel pretty empty. You used to wear the springs out, but now he’s not in the mood more often than not.

Now He’s Nit Picking

Is everything you do really wrong? Or has he decided you’re wrong for him?

Suddenly Meagan Good Is Gorgeous

You just watched “Think Like A Man Too” and she’s all he can talk about. His sudden vocal interest could be a sign that his eye is wandering.

He Bought the New Beats By Dre

He was never that into labels before. But now he’s buying something new every week. A new Yale study suggests that he could be trying to fill a void with lots of shiny new things.

He’s Always Cutting Your Microphone Off

Because he’s “heard it all before.” Or, he’s “tired of talking about the same thing.” Maybe he’s no longer interested in hashing things out because he’s looking for a way out.

He Can’t Wait to Get to Work

And he comes home laughing about the Jokes Kim’s been telling at work. Just who is Kim and why is he Facebooking her after hours? An emotional affair at work could be a sign that his heart’s no longer in the relationship.

He Never Turns Down

Drinking can be fun, but doing it to excess is another way of coping with relationship discomfort.

He’ Spending A Lot of Time with the Homies

And they spend a lot of time at the club.

He Suddenly Wants Sushi

In fact, he’s down for a lot of new things lately. And none of it is anything you like. His new adventurous spirit could mean that he’s looking for something new that doesn’t include you.

You Don’t Get Any Collect Calls

Or many calls at all now that you think about it. He might not be checking in because he’s busy checking out.

You Don’t Even Talk Anymore

Well, you do, but all of his responses are “yup,” “nope,” or just a head nod.

He’s Getting Ugly

Or at least his attitude is. If he’s picking on you, he could be looking to pick the fight that will lead to the front door.

He’s Keeping Secrets

You never see his phone out anymore and he never gives the details on his day. When men stop sharing, it’s a sign that they’re on their way out.

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