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Despite going half of my life without attending church (we just stopped going when I was a kid and rarely went back), I find myself as an adult always in church. I love it! Personally, I like the church family that I’ve found, the things that I’ve been able to participate in, and the growth that I’ve seen in my relationship with God. Something else I love it for though is all the funny things and people I see–even when they don’t mean to be funny. Someone who captures the funny side of church is the website, Church of Laugh, and when I tell you their Instagram posts leave me howling in laughter, I’m not kidding. Here are 14 of the funniest things you might see in a black church.


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Choir Struggles

Singing in the choir can be a lot of fun. I actually lend my talents (or at least, what I personally think is talent) to one of the ensembles at my church. But every now and then, you have to sing a complicated song, and sometimes the individual next to you hits a note that makes you think, ‘WOW! What is that, where did it come from and when will it go back!?’ Out of love…and jest, send this hilarious meme their way.

Restless Children

As a kid, there is nothing like an elder or deacon checking you for running around and being loud in your Sunday best to get you to act right…even if only for a few minutes before the shenanigans begin again.

When A Word Makes You Feel Some Type Of Way

While not every sermon will have you breaking down, many have enough poignant lessons that you can still walk away feeling refreshed spiritually. But sometimes there is the sermon that you think was done only for you and your situation. Now that one will have your face turned up, tears falling, and will require a shout that will have you using the mandatory church fan at the end.

Visitors Don’t Know What To Think

Churches are (or at least they should be) open to anyone who wants to come in for fellowship and hear the word of God. And in many cases and churches, that includes tourists from other countries who want to see what certain worship experiences are like. When things get a little too real though (someone breaks out into a sprint around the congregation), expect the Kermit confusion face from a few folks.

Gospel ABCs

Who wouldn’t want to learn their ABCs with this much jubilation? More tambourine!

A Crunk Choir

No better way to get people pumped about praising the Lord than to bust out a mean two-step on your way to the choir loft. I wouldn’t recommend Jerome’s moves, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Tambourine Solos

Did I mention that every church could use more tambourine? And if you’re going to bring one in your bag, why not perform with enthusiasm like this woman?

A Few Judgmental Elders

When praise dances get a little too worldly, count on a few of the elders in your church to display that side-eye or turned up lip. Or if they’re really not feeling it, expect them to have a chat with your leader or director about it later…

“When I Think About Jeeeeeeesus…”

Hey, when the spirit moves you (or the choir director starts playing “When I Think About Jesus”), you can play crazy all you want. However, I’m sure your seat will get hot enough to make you jump up to hop and shout. You will want to “Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance all night!”

Breaking It All The Way Down For The Lord

But what happens when your praise break takes it to the next level? Like the guy in this clip who decided to get his Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo on? Either the spirit is REALLY moving you…or you’re looking for some attention.

Jumping And Shouting For Joy

Graduations are emotional celebrations, but as the Church of Laugh pointed out with this clip, ushers with white cloths might be needed for future ceremonies when the spirit moves you so much that the ceremony is halted by your praise.

When The Altar Calls You

Sometimes you just have one of those weeks, or go through some things that require a trip to the altar. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who has debated whether or not I really wanted to get up and go until my seat started burning and the tears started flowing. Take me to the king!

A Few Performances Gone Left…

Again, when you try to go too far off the script in your praise dance performances, it’s not always going to please everyone…or necessarily go well.

Choir Struggles Part II

Anybody else’s choir director have them feeling like they could have been a soprano? Hitting those surprising high notes often requires a warm cough drop and some prayer…or a brief lip-synching moment. Hey, you know you’ve done it too when you’ve found yourself sounding like a Bee Gee…

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