15 Short Celebrity Romances You Probably Missed

June 24, 2014  |  
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Sometimes it’s over just as quickly as it starts — it being these ridiculously short celebrity romances you might’ve missed if you blinked an eye.

Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony tied the knot back in 2004, it seemed like a match made in heaven so fans were understandably shocked when they announced their split in 2011. J. Lo moved on to back-up dancer Cris Smart and they remained a couple until early June of 2014. While hot on the promo trail to get the word out about her upcoming album, Lopez started making different headlines. Reports leaked that Lopez had hooked up with “Dancing with the Stars” dancer and recent mirror ball champ Maksim Chmerkovskiy. But as quickly as it started, things have seemed to fizzle out. Reportedly, Chmerkovskiy was turned off by the media attention Lopez garnered and was looking for something a little more low-key.

Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell

Following his divorce from pop star Katy Perry, Russell Brand turned to a fellow Brit to help him move on from his ex-wife. Brand hit it off with former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell after the two met during the closing ceremony of the Olympics in London. What had the makings of a very serious relationship turned out to be very short-lived. Just days after Halliwell confirmed the two were an item, Brand was spotted checking into a hotel room with a woman who wasn’t Ginger Spice.

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper

Following the split from hubby Marc Anthony in 2011, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez wasted no time heading back out into the dating waters. Bradley Cooper’s star was on the rise and after being chosen as People’s Sexiest Man alive in 2011, he caught the attention of the “American Idol” judge. The pair dated very publicly and very briefly. They were spotted out at dinner and another time attending a fashion show together but soon their casual fling was over.

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez

Eva Longoria may have a thing for athletes. After meeting San Antonio Spurs superstar Tony Parker in 2004, they dated for two years before becoming engaged. Their four-year marriage ended in divorce once the “Desperate Housewives” star learned Parker had been carrying on an affair with a teammate’s spouse. Eventually she moved on to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez but their relationship never stood a chance. Together for just a few months, they reportedly split because of their age difference and her grueling schedule.

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco

Superman can fly faster than a speeding bullet and apparently the actor that plays him moves just as fast when it comes to relationships. Henry Cavill donned the tight blue onesie and red cape in last year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel. He hooked up with The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco but after a few weeks, the two were no longer an item. Following their public split, the pair vowed to remain friends.

Jay Z and Rosario Dawson

Before he found music and happiness with regular collaborator and future wife Beyonce, Jay Z did what most men do and played the field. He briefly dated actress Rosario Dawson back in 2000 but like most of the women that came before and after her, things didn’t last long. Some people even assumed that the second verse of his song “Lost Ones” was about the Seven Pounds star but Jay has gone on public record to say it was about his R&B wife all along.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift is known for her music as much as she’s known for the men she dates. A firm believer of kissing a lot of frogs before finding her prince, Swift has had her fair share of toads. One of them was actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The pair briefly became romantic for a couple months until the Brokeback Mountain actor broke things off over the telephone. She sought revenge by including his break up with her in the popular song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher

All Rihanna wants is a guy that makes her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. And after he separated from wife Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher made her feel very special — for two whole months. The pair met while attending a party thrown by a mutual friend and they hit it off instantly. The couple enjoyed late-night trysts together but when he was ready to settle down with someone with a future, he chose his former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis.

Beyonce and Mos Def

Apparently Jay Z wasn’t the only Brooklyn rapper Beyonce had an eye for. The “Drunk In Love” singer has stated that Hov was her first serious relationship but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t gone out on dates before she became a married woman. Back in 2001, Bey briefly went out with rapper-turned-actor Mos Def but sparks didn’t fly and their time together didn’t last very long.

Sofia Vergara and Tom Cruise

Before he was hopping up and down on Oprah’s sofa professing his love for Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise was trying his luck with Sofia Vergara. In 2005, the two met at a party thrown by Will Smith and they went out together but the Modern Family star was turned off by Cruise’s deep involvement with Scientology. Soon after, he set his sights on Holmes and the rest was history. Including their six-year marriage.

Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is one of most disgraced athletes around now but before he admitted to doping and losing everything he’s worked so hard for, the seven-time Tour de France winner was once the object of Ashley Olsen’s affection. The pair briefly dated back in 2007. They were spotted out a couple times, most notably exchanging kisses at the bar of a New York City hotel. But these two went their separate ways before the paparazzi knew they were together.

Nick Lachey and Kim Kardashian

Who hasn’t been with Kim Kardashian, right? Nick Lachey even went out with the popular reality television star but that lasted literally for one date. Back in 2007 on their first date, Kardashian tipped off the paparazzi about their location, which didn’t sit too well with the former 98 Degrees band member and there wouldn’t be a second date. Oddly enough, Lachey married Jessica Simpson and became a household name thanks to their reality show on MTV. Kardashian went on to kiss many more frogs before finding her prince and husband Kanye West.

Justin Timberlake and Fergie

Way before he went out on his own as a solo artist to bring sexy back, Justin Timberlake stood out from the rest of his ‘NSync boy band members. So much so that he caught the attention of singer Fergie. She was 23 years old but that didn’t stop her from pursuing a short-lived relationship with a 17-year-old Timberlake. But shortly after it began, they broke up and he was on to the next one: Britney Spears. The two starlets dated for three years before they split up.

Kristen Bell and Matthew Morrison

They say Tinseltown is a small place and that couldn’t be more true with Kristen Bell and Matthew Morrison. Before she became the blonde-haired private investigator on “Veronica Mars” and he joined the musical show “Glee,” the two were just a couple of New York University students hoping to make it big in Hollywood when they started dating each other. Their relationship lasted shorter than the time it takes for Veronica Mars to solve a mystery.

Audrina Patridge and Chris Pine

She may not have a slew of paparazzi following her every movement now but there was a time when reality star Audrina Patridge was a regular in weekly magazines. Apparently all of the attention that followed “The Hills” star was a bit too much to handle for actor Chris Pine. The two briefly dated back in 2009 but their relationship only lasted for a month. The “Star Trek” star was turned off by dating a regular hot topics item and they moved one from each other within a month.

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