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It is no secret that relationships can be challenging, especially for celebrity couples! Living under the bright lights and intense pressure of Hollywood could easily ruin even the strongest relationship. But despite all of the public drama and difficulties that come with fame, some Hollywood wives and girlfriends lingered (and still linger) in tumultuous relationships for far too long. Despite the alleged disrespect, affairs and humiliation, some of the following women have left many scratching their heads wondering why they have put up with the madness, while others finally saw the light and left. Here are 14 ladies who put up with a quite a bit in their very public relationships.

Fantasia Barrino

The American Idol champ and Broadway actress shocked everyone as she openly dated Antwuan Cook, a married man, whose estranged wife (at the time) sued Fantasia for her part in their affair. The singer was stressed out by the relationship, having to admit to a past abortion during the relationship in court, accidentally overdosing on sleep medication and aspirin, and dealing with rumors of a sex tape between her and Cook, but she continued her relationship with him, despite all that. Meanwhile, Antwuan was spotted vacationing with his estranged wife, while still canoodling with Fantasia. As their relationship deteriorated, Fantasia became pregnant with Cook’s son (a cutie named Dallas). Antwaun returned to his wife and is only rumored to speak to Fantasia now when talking about their son.

Erica Dixon

The on-again, off-again (for now) relationship between Erica Dixon and Lil’ Scrappy has been playing out in front of millions on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for years. Many of Erica’s fans wondered why she would continue to rekindle a shaky relationship with Lil’ Scrappy, especially since since his mother would never let them live, but during the last season, she decided to end their engagement and move on. Dixon now knows not to waste too much time in relationships going nowhere, as she recently dumped her beautiful but broke model boyfriend, O’Shea, after he came off like a user and a loser.

Paula Patton

Singer Robin Thicke landed in hot water with his wife after rumors of his off-stage antics were being reported in various tabloids, and images of him grabbing onto the butts of and hugging all up on random women started popping up. The “Blurred Lines” crooner’s rocky marriage to actress Paula Patton has provided plenty of fodder for the media, but rumors have long swirled about a possible open marriage and Thicke’s philandering ways. The high school sweethearts are now estranged and Robin plans to release an album in July simply titled, Paula, to get her back.

Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise’s very public courtship with Katie Holmes captivated fans around the world. His erratic public behavior over the relationship, which included jumping on Oprah’s couch in happy hysterics, was just the tip of the iceberg. Shortly after marrying Cruise, reports surfaced that Katie was being controlled through Cruise’s religious group and was pushed to convert to Scientology. Sources say that everything from Holmes’ wardrobe to what she went through when giving birth to daughter Suri was controlled by Cruise. The couple eventually divorced in 2012.

Eudoxie Agnan

After four years, Eudoxie and Ludacris have probably had their fair share of ups and downs. But the recent bombshell that Ludacris has a child with another woman might be one of the worst things a man puts his girlfriend through. Many fans wondered why Eudoxie stayed with Ludacris after such a revelation, but apparently, she is interested in staying in the spotlight with him, despite the very public humiliation.

Huma Abedin

Scandals are not only limited to Hollywood. A slew of politicians have had their fair share of scrutiny and shame due to their extramarital activities. Huma Abedin has had to deal with a lot of scandal as the wife of Anthony Weiner, a Congressman from New York who was implicated in various sex scandals over the years involving sexting random women under the pseudonym of “Carlos Danger.” His wife has decided not to walk away from him, despite his humiliating decisions (and the fact that thousands of people know what “little Anthony” looks like).

Mimi Faust

Reality TV star Mimi Faust went in circles with Stevie J for many years (about 15 to be exact). The VH1 Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star was dragged into drama, love triangles and child support battles thanks to Stevie. But Mimi appears to be moving on and was recently featured in a shocking sex tape with her new boyfriend, Nikko, that was leaked and eventually sold for profit.

Gizelle Bryant

Gizzelle Bryant, wife of the controversial Pastor Jamal Bryant, has dealt with a lot. Pastor Bryant once made headlines (before the Chris Brown lyric) after fathering a child with a woman in his congregation. Gizelle did file for divorce after everything came out, but decided to drop her petition in 2010.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle

The wife of T.I. may have finally reached her limit as the rapper’s mother has been publicly pleading with Cottle (on Instagram no less) to talk to her son and work things out. Tiny has stood by T.I. throughout a lot, including jail time and allegations that he stepped out with other women, but things have become too much in the last few months. Jealousy, social media rants and estrangement have been swirling around the couple, but as of right now, she’s still Mrs. Harris.

Janay Palmer-Rice

After a video surfaced of Ray Rice dragging his fiancée out of an elevator at an Atlantic City casino after a vicious fight, many were hoping Janay Palmer would walk away from him. When footage of the assault went viral, many were shocked that Janay went on to marry Ray soon after the incident, and that she even apologized in a press conference for her alleged role in their domestic violence episode. They have decided to stay together and they’re trying to move forward…

Gabrielle Union

Is Gabrielle using her acting skills to put on a performance as the lovestruck fiancée of Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade? All eyes were on Union when word spread that Wade fathered a child with another woman while he was on a “break” from their relationship. But despite all that, we know that Union stuck around and accepted an engagement ring, and she seems super open and blissful about her man and their future.

Karrueche Tran

Troubled singer Chris Brown had no reservations about openly pining over both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran at the same time a few years back, and despite the fact that he left her for Ri Ri, she welcomed him with open arms when he came back around trying to get that old thing back. And during his stint in jail, Karrueche was there for Brown, even after it was reported that he had inappropriate contact with women while in rehab. She doesn’t appear to be tiring of all that comes with loving Brown, and in fact, it seems as if their relationship has grown stronger.

Selena Gomez

Just when we thought Selena Gomez had rid herself of singer Justin Bieber, it seems that she is going back to him after all. According to the latest reports, Gomez has been spotted with Bieber again after he posted and then pulled down a picture of her on Instagram while speaking on their unbreakable bond. Speculation continues to grow about the nature of their rekindled friendship, despite the fact that Gomez went to rehab to deal with emotional turmoil from her split with the troubled pop prince, and to deal with the alcohol, Ambien and more that she was exposed to while dating him. That young man is trouble, but she doesn’t seem to want to be rid of him yet…


They say it’s dangerous to mix business with pleasure, and Rasheeda’s rocky relationship with husband/manager Kirk Frost is no exception! Kirk stepped out during Rasheeda’s pregnancy, and treated her pretty poorly during that time. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality stars have seen their fair share of difficulty during their relationship, especially since jumping on TV. But now that their baby is here, will Kirk get it together? Or will he continue with his disrespetful ways while Rasheeda stands by and is embarrassed on TV?

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