Where Did #ByeFelicia Come From? Your Favorite Phrases Decoded

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Let’s all learn something new today shall we? If you’ve been seeing these popular sayings but had no clue what they meant we’re here to help. Here’s a look at your favorite phrases decoded.

Bye Felicia

“Bye Felicia” is what Smokey and Craig say to get rid of Felicia in the movie Friday. Felicia keeps dropping by asking for stuff, because that’s what crackheads do.

That’s why “Bye Felicia” is what people say when someone is bothering them like a pesky crackhead and they have no more energy to give to their foolishness.

Fix it, Jesus

A lot of people grew up hearing “Fix it, Jesus” in church. Everyone else probably picked it up from Phaedra Parks.

Damn, Damn, Damn

Florida Evans says “Damn, damn, damn” in one of the most moving scenes from Good Times:

They just buried her husband James and Florida is in the kitchen trying to hold it together for the kids. But finally she breaks down with grief and all she can say is “damn, damn, damn.”

Damn Gina

“Damn Gina” Is from the TV show Martin. It’s Martin’s catch phrase when Gina is getting on his nerves or she looks really good.

And that’s why people sometimes say it in either situation.


People started saying “Monica” when this confused soul posted this question to Yahoo answers. It’s apparently what some people here when someone says “my ni**a” so a lot of people started saying “Monica” instead.

Turn My Swag On

“Swag” actually comes from the Scottish slang “swagger”? Over in that part of the UK, “swag” described the cool way some people walked.

By the time “swag” got to this side of the pond, it meant looking cool in general.


Shade is a phrase from way back in the 80s that we get from our friends and family in the gay community.

What does shade mean? Dorian Corey put it best in Paris Is Burning:

“Shade is, ‘I don’t tell you you’re ugly, but I don’t have to tell you because you know you’re ugly.’ And that’s shade.”

Spilling Tea

Originally, “Tea” was “T” and it stood for truth. Somewhere along the way, spilling the “T” became spilling the tea because it’s a lot more fun to say.


“Woosah” is straight from the movie Bad Boys. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a classic action film that belongs on your must-watch list.

That’s Some Illuminati Mess

The Illuminati is the all powerful demonic cult that some people believe Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and most of the rest of the world’s superstars belong to.

Jesus Take the Wheel

This is another phrase that comes right out of the Christian tradition. People say it when something happens that is so tragic they need Jesus to take over…or when someone has said something so out of line that you need Jesus to step in before you do.

Bandz A Make Her Dance

“Bandz” is slang for rubber bands, specifically the rubber bands wrapped around stacks of cash…that you bring to the strip club with you.

Pop a rubber band off of a stack of cash, and she’ll dance. You can thank Juicy J for making that saying popular.

Turn Down for What?

Turning up involves filling up with energy, alcohol or other drugs. Rumor has it that people started using it in the LA area right around the mid-90s.

Getting turned up is usually followed by someone asking you to turn it down. But “for what”? You’re having a good time. You’ll have plenty of time to be embarrassed tomorrow.

Bottom Biscuits

Originally bottom biscuits was a bad thing. People used it to talk about the extra behind that hangs out of a pair of shorts —  like the dough that pops out of a can of biscuits when you twist it.

But then brothers got a hold of it and it turned into kind of a compliment.


“Kiki” means to laugh and have a good time. Like, “ya’ll are busy kiking over there but we have work to do”.

Originally, a “kiki” was 80s slang that meant a great party where people were turned up and having a good time.

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