I Spy With My All-Seeing Eye: 15 Celebrities Rumored To Be In The Illuminati

February 20, 2014  |  
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Are these celebrities talented, hardworking musicians who earned their spot at the top? Or do they owe their success to being members of a super secret cult? Here are 15 celebrities rumored to be in the Illuminati. And please note the sarcasm in the commentary.


Is Jay a member of the illuminati and is the Roc-A-Fella pyramid proof of membership? Well, he is a time traveler so anything is possible.


Is that the sign for Third Ward Houston, TX? Or the sign of the devil? If Jay’s a member, Bey has to be. How else did “Yonce” top all of those charts?

Lady Gaga

Wait a minute…Gaga isn’t from Houston. But she did say she used Illuminati imagery in one of her shows after having a dream about it…


Kanye’s apparently a member too. Well, he is a successful artist and a Roc-A-Fella member. But how Kan Kanye be an illuminati member and Jesus at the same time?

Kendrick Lamar

There’s the pyramid…and an eye! Kendrick’s definitely in.


Is that an eye tattooed on Kesha’s hand? That’s no fashion choice, it’s an All-Seeing Eye. We knew there had to be some explanation for the popularity of all that foolishness.

LeBron James

Jumping that high ain’t nothing but the devil. Illuminatists say that anyone this good at basketball must be a member. Was he spending all that time practicing, or performing secret rituals?


Is Madonna dressed like She-ra Princess of Power? Or an out and proud illuminati leader on a throne of “occult imagery”? Or, are we missing the bigger picture? That cartoon princes must be a member too…


Not only is M.I.A. allegedly a notorious member of the Illuminati, she’s been accused of driving up oil prices in the middle east too… *giving M.I.A. the conspiracy theory side eye*


There’s the pyramid. Case closed. And Rihanna isn’t even ashamed. We saw that “fake” “Princess of the Illuminati” in her “S&M”. Mmm hmm…

Lil’ Wayne

Wayne wore a baseball cap with an inverted cross and pyramid during a 2011 photo shoot for Interview Magazine, which was obviously the moment he declared his membership to the world.

Kim Kardashian

Wait a minute, Kim too? Apparently the rumors started when she started dating Kanye, which seemed like a stretch. But then she posted a photo collage on Instagram in the shape of the All-Seeing Eye and the case was pretty much closed.

Nicki Minaj

Hold on. Nicki Minaj is a member too? And she drowned Whitney Houston in the tub to get in? Now this is getting ridiculous.

Jennifer Hudson

And sometimes these rumors feel downright cruel. After Jennifer Hudson’s family members were murdered, folks said that she was a member who earned her place by having her family members killed herself.

Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin

And knowing someone who believes in the illuminati’s power can be downright dangerous. This man was arrested for trying to sacrifice his friend in exchange for an Illuminati rap career.

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