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First let me start by saying that I had no idea that the ladies of SWV were so brutally honest. During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” two-thirds of the 90s R&B duo, Cheryl “CoKo” Clemons and LeLee Lyons, held nothing back as they discussed getting cosmetic surgery to enhance their assets and some vintage rumors that have been floating around about them. Lelee, however, probably made the most blunt and hilarious revelations, while strolling down memory lane and reminiscing on her three failed engagements.

“I am known as the Bobby Brown of SWV,” Lelee said, referencing some rumors that she got hooked on drugs after the group broke up. “I was the crackhead that never smoked crack. I was a little more wilder [than CoKo and Taj]. Well, I was just a little more out with mine. I was single and I was doing things single women do. But see, they were more discreet. They did stuff, but you wouldn’t know. They were backdoor wh*res.”

Charlemagne went on to point out that Lelee’s highly-publicized rendezvous resulted in three marriage proposals.

“Yeah [I was engaged] three good times, but it’s a blessing that I didn’t marry those guys,” she confessed. “I mean, it just wasn’t right. I don’t wanna get married for the sake of being married. I don’t want no fake wedding, no fake just-for-show marriage. I wanna actually love my husband and mean it. I’m good. I don’t have no problem meeting no man. I’ve never had that problem and I’m single by choice.”

One of those proposals happened to come from legendary New York DJ Ed Lover, which Lelee pointed out ended on a very dramatic note.

“Oh my God, that was the second one [engagement].”

“That was the worst one,” Coko interjected. “She tore up Ed Lover’s car and did how many thousands of dollars worth of damage? She caught him with someone else and she just went crazy.”

“Well actually, I’m so glad me and Ed are at a great point in our lives right now,” Lelee said. “We went through so much. But you know, when you’re thinking that you are going to be with somebody and… you know my mother passed away. He came to my mother’s funeral and told my family, ‘I’m gonna take care of her. We gon’ be together.’ But it just kind of went dead,” she explained. “Next thing you know: ‘Aye, I got something to tell you. I’m back with such and such.’ I was like, ‘Okay,’ got on the next flight and did what I had to do. I was in Atlanta. I just buried my mother.”

“I f**ked that car up, man. It was me and my sister. [The car was parked] in the garage. The security guard was familiar with me, so he was like, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ So my sister was there and she was afraid to do it. I was like, ‘Look, if you gon’ f**k this car up, you better do it now. You gotta just do it… I feel so bad about that[now], but I tore it up. It felt so good [at the time].”

As to be expected, Ed wasn’t too thrilled when he saw the damage that she did to his car.

“All the lawyers called me.”

“I think he wanted to put a bullet in my head. I got the hell out of New Jersey after that. Oh yeah, I got out of there. But I love Ed and that’ll always be my baby.”

As for her other two engagements, Lelee says they’re irrelevant.

“You don’t know them. They’re not even worth my air time.

Lelee is a mess!

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