15 Of The Most Ratchet Celeb Moments Of 2013

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2013 was a big year.. a big year in celebrity ratchetness that is. So many celebrities showed their behinds this year that we had to recap it. This listicle is only a reminder of the entertainment news that had everyone from news outlets, Black Twitter, your friends and your mama all like… “oooh, they’re ratchet!”

There’s so much celebrity ratchetness that after going through this list, but if there’s anything we’ve forgotten, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton bickering.

These two have been feuding for a minute! Something K. Michelle has addressed twice, trying to be the bigger woman and bury the hatchet. Braxton hasn’t been listening though. Their feud started last year, but their dislike and shade-throwing about each other’s success has continued throughout 2013. It makes them both look silly — being that Braxton said the feud started as a misunderstanding, which should be all the reason to let it go! K. Michelle has reached out to Braxton and later on,  said they have both been through hell pursuing their music careers and should squash it. But Braxton isn’t trying to hear it.

Kanye West’s confederate flag jacket, compares himself to soldier

It’s sad to say, but as long as there’s celebrity ratchetness, Kanye West will probably be one of the most talked about. West’s relationship with Kim Kardashian (as weird as it might be) seems to be doing just fine and she gave birth to baby North West. But instead of soley focusing on his music and family life, he’s still making not-so-positive headlines these days. Recently, he compared being a rapper to a soldier going to war. And wearing his confederate flag jacket is cool because he’s re-appropriating the meaning of the controversial flag. No, Mr. West, you’re just going out your way to piss people and other celebrities off. Some of whom blame it on his relationship with Kardashian — regardless, his popularity has been on the decline. It sucks because he’s immensely talented.

Kenya Moore’s vaguely coming for other celebs all year!

I say she’s ratchet. She says she’s fabulous. Supposedly, she’s gone with the wind fabulous. She should go with the wind and sit down already, and stop throwing so much shade and coming for other celebrities: like her fellow cast mates’  husbands, or Nene, or Kandi. She even posted the shady pic above via social media — leaving people to speculate about whether or not she was trying to come for (her so-called look-a-like) Queen Bey and Jay-Z. Moore, as long as you try to hold on to whatever relevance (not fabulousness) you might have, you will be one of the most ratchet celebs out here.

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown feud

Their feud started earlier in the year — when the two got into an altercation at a studio over a parking space! SMDH! Brown continued the feud when he refused to stand for Ocean when he beat him for the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy.  Ocean refused to press charges for the parking lot incident, but was later seen wearing a wanted Chris Brown domestic violence shirt.  Ocean’s cousin did file suit. One thing is certain, although Brown gets into fights all the time and Ocean doesn’t, these two are ratchet for fighting over a parking space.

Rihanna and Chris Brown on-again, off-again relationship

After much speculation and controversy, Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together and made some more [musical] hits together. But since their romance had come to an end once again, the pair have been taking jabs at each other since. Well, if the relationship was doomed after the first go-around, the second was bound to fail. It might have not ended badly the second time, but it ended with ratchetness. She called his break-up comments degrading and sexist. And then, more music came. Instead of this time working together, Brown bashed Rihanna. Let’s just hope these two stay away from each other; their relationship seems toxic.

Justin Bieber acting out!

Some might say Bieber had a rough year. The kid has been acting out, getting into fender benders, fighting with the paparazzi and news media. This might be all part of growing up and finding himself. However, he’s done some ratchet stuff along the way. Allegedly, he was caught coming out of a Brothel in Brazil — covered in a bed sheet with his bodyguards spraying water on paparazzi. A Brazilian woman filmed him in bed with her. Among his fights, threatening people and sex scandals — can one say him acting out has to do with his breakup with Selena Gomez and trying to gain a tougher image? If he’s as talented as he claims, maybe he can just focus on that.

Rihanna’s doobie moment.

But for real, Rihanna? You just going to put black women out there like that? Rihanna wore her doobie to the AMAs and even made it sparkly. Now most black women would not be caught dead wearing their doobie’s out in public unless they’re making a quick errand or something. I personally don’t mind it as a hairstyle on HER — I grew up seeing many black women wear it in their HOMES, nevertheless. Still, the reactions came in, another artist claims Rihanna stole her hairstyle (it’s not really a hairstyle, but it’s how many black women wrap their hair) and even, some of her fans began to rock it.

Kelly Price, the R&B villian.

She was really mean on “R&B Divas: LA.” I guess the show needed a villain, but it’s always hard to watch reality TV turn a celebrity favorite into a monster. But we know her true, “diva” colors now. Price bullied her co-stars and the director of their monologue and then dropped out when she couldn’t have her way. She later apologized to her fans for her behavior, but also claims she was told to bring the drama. Mmm hmm… None of the other women allowed the show to dictate their actions and there was still plenty of drama from their personal matters. So it’s kind of hard to believe that wasn’t the real Price — especially since she felt she needed to apologize to Fred (the director of the diva monologue) and for her actions.

Peter Gunz runs off with another woman

Gunz, “Love & Hip Hop New York” newcomer, continued the “Love & Hip Hop” trend of marrying the side chick. He married Amina Buddafly because he and Tara Wallace, the woman he had been with for years and had children with, were in a dark place. And he later claimed Wallace chased him with a knife. Wallace should have seen the signs by the way they met, years ago. She was his friend with benefits while he was in another relationship. But Gunz agreed to air his dirty laundry because he’s broke in the first place! Isn’t that why people do reality TV anyways — because they’re broke and to be ratchet?!

Rihanna and Teyana Taylor feud

They’re both ratchet for this feud. But Taylor should have known better than to create a meme/photo of Rihanna’s battered face — poking fun not only at Rihanna, but every woman who has ever been battered. But this feud started when Rihanna dissed Taylor’s performance of “Caught Up in the Rapture” by Anita Baker. Rihanna called Taylor out for being broke (well, compared to her). Taylor called Rihanna a cyberbully, and since, the two have been feuding. Give it a rest!

Pebbles and her out of control daughter coming for TLC.

Of course when the truth comes out and makes them look bad, that person going to deny it. And that’s exactly what Peebles did. She went on the Wendy Williams Show to clear her name, but what made this ordeal really ratchet is how Pebbles’ daughter responded.

Keyshia Cole coming for Michelle Williams.

Keyshia Cole came for Michelle Williams on Twitter (like the rest of the world) after Beyoncé surprised fans with a mini Destiny’s Child reunion during her Super Bowl performance. And although the world blasted Williams for her lack of enthusiasm and energy to perform, Cole showed how childish she can be — saying Williams started the beef a few years ago. Cole tried to start a Twitter beef and Michelle Williams handled it like a woman, she refused to give into fighting over Cole’s opinion. Although, Kelly Rowland was like, had a few things to say.  Since then, Cole has played nice at Michelle Williams’ request to talk about COLE’S issue.

Mama Joyce sabotages her daughter Khandi Burruss’ relationship on RHOA.

So it’s clear Mama Joyce doesn’t approve of her daughter’s Burruss’ relationship with Todd Tucker. Mama Joyce has gone hard on Tucker. She claims Burruss lowered her standards for him and that he hasn’t signed a prenup because he’s an opportunist. Mama Joyce even attacked the woman who introduced the couple, Phaedra Parks — claiming Parks could’ve picked a better suitor for her daughter. Oh, parents can be ratchet too.

Stacey Dash fighting for relevance

In 2012, she made headlines for supporting Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. But in 2013, she tried to maximize on staying relevant with taking up her conservative support some notches. She supported Paula Deen after her racist comments and spoke out against Oprah for her comparing Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till. Also, she dissed President Obama — saying he’s made race relations worse and is writing an autobiography, “Not Black Enough.” Earlier, we wrote this essay, asking is she conservative to stay relevant? We think you know what it is.

Miley Cyrus twerking EVERYWHERE.

Do I really need to add much commentary to this one? Cyrus has sucked some of fun out of the dance, twerking everywhere she possibly can (the VMAS, concerts, music videos, in public — EVERYWHERE), all while not really having the “skills” to do the dance justice. That’s why it’s best to leave somethings with the culture it came from instead of trying to make it mainstream. Oh, and keep your darn (crackhead-like) tongue in your mouth.

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