Tamar Braxton Admits K.Michelle Feud Began As A Misunderstanding

August 21, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

The petty, seemingly never-ending feud between singers K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton is one-year strong and it doesn’t appear that the two will make amends anytime soon. During a recent interview with 97.9 The Box Houston, Tamar shared that although their disagreement began over an apparent misunderstanding— that K.Michelle has even offered to apologize for— she has no intentions of patching things up.

On their most recent verbal dispute triggered by her wig comment:

“There’s nothing going on with me and K.Michelle. I didn’t ‘at’ anybody. I really wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about the wigmaker whom she stalked to get her wig made by the same person [as me]. And that’s fine, he makes great wigs. People have to be exposed for the lies they tell. I’m not that girl who has to be the Beyoncé of the situation, meaning I don’t have to be the superstar. I’ll go on stage and do my thing and gracefully go home and play with my baby. I don’t have a problem with that. But, that didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, she went on stage and then she came out and watched my show. So I don’t know where that came from, but I’m so grown, If I have something to say to you, and I’ve proven this on every last one of my shows, I will say it to you.”

On how the feud originally began last year:

“You know, I don’t know. Every situation I’ve had with this particular person, she’s invited herself into. Like the whole Toya situation. I wasn’t talking to her. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know that people knew it was Toya’s husband that they were talking about.I sent a message to my friend [Toya] because she was on her second honeymoon and she was in Paris. When Vince and I went to Paris it was like a fairytale. I felt like Cinderella. My whole statement was something to the effect of, ‘Let people tell their fairytales’ because she [Toya] was like ‘F what you heard. I love my man.’ And I was like ‘Girl, enjoy yourself. Let other people tell their fairytales,’ meaning she was living hers. In their Instagram pictures they were on a little canal boat, they went to the Eifel Tower and I’ve been with my man and it really is Cinderella-like.”

On K.Michelle’s initial offer to apologize: 

“What upset me so much about the situation was the next day, Vince and I called Mona Scott, because first of all, Vince is a businessman and she mentioned ‘Braxton Family Values’ and that was his problem with it. Like, ‘Okay, this is my coin and that’s not what we do here.’ And she actually offered to call me and apologize to me because she was like it was blown out of proportion. And she knew that’s not where it came from because we made an attempt to tell Mona that’s not where it came from. So she wanted to call me and tell me that she was sorry, but my whole thing was like, ‘You know what, publicly you made this statement about me, so publicly you should apologize to me. So she hasn’t done that.”

On if she’s willing to resolve her issues with K:

“Well, you know what, my grandmother used to say, ‘If you’ll lie, you’ll steal and if you’ll steal, you’ll kill’ and ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m trying to live my life.”

The fact that from a business standpoint, Tamar and K are direct competitors who are ultimately going after similar audiences probably isn’t helping their feud either.

What do you think of all of this?

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  • Maxine Shaw

    Please. All Tamar DOES is lie where this girl is concerned. I believe that K.Michelle called to apologize like I believe George Bush cares about black people.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    The bottom line is that she should have accepted K. Michelle’s apology and moved on in order to discontinue to feud if it was all a big misunderstanding. Who is she to say that K. Michelle’s motive wasn’t right? Humans cannot discern what’s in a person’s heart…if the motive was wrong then she would answer for it in the end.

  • clove8canela

    I didn’t even know these two had “beef,” and the way the article was written I’m not sure why. But either way they should stop. They’re both two old for this.

  • Just saying!!

    K Michelle is her competition? That’s news to me. What does she sing again?

    • I usually don’t comment BUT..

      Lets not forget about that first Tamar album that completely flopped back in the late 90’s ok!
      K.Michelle may have only 1 album but people (including myself) have been checking for K. Michelle’s mixtapes before LLHHATL and she drops nothing but classics (0 Fucks Given, Pain Medicine, Still No Fucks Given just to name a few)!
      K. Michelle has mentioned before people would be singing her songs and didn’t know who she was due to being black-listed from the industry.
      K. Michelle is Tamars competition and Tamar knows this, so regardless of how blind you may be Tamar too got her shine off of reality television because nobody was checking for Tamar or her music before Braxton Family Values, that nose job, those cheek implants and when her skin was as dark as mine IJS.
      Tamar has cooned her way into the industry and say what you will about K. Michelle her music will last longer that Tamars. Click on any youtube video and you will find girls singing Tamars songs and they either sound just like her or better, K. Michelles voice cannot be duplicated (thats true talent)
      K. Michelle writes her own music and wrote or cowrote every last song on her album so girl BYE with that comment!

  • hazelcantbefooled

    okayy im confused first tamar say she wasnt trying to start beef but yet you say i only said where my wig cause she used the same person who does mine!!! First of all why does that matter?? who cares yall have the same hair sylist ummm plenty of celebs have the same EVERYTHING and then 2nd your childish really cause u know deep down u was throwing shade a kmichelle with the “toya” comment!!! be grown and say yea i said it sorry and move on!!!

  • guest

    A private apology should have been accepted. The world need not be in your business.

  • LoveMusic

    Sad thing is I like both of them. They are both really talented women and since aint nobody paying my bills, I’m not taking sides. I will definitely be listening to both artists. So the archaic idea of either one or the other is just silly!

  • Ms. Kameria

    All of the subliminals and innuendos…….
    I can’t. If you know your words are going to be misconstrued every time you type a message on Twitter then that means you don’t need to be on Twitter. You can’t change the message and to whom the message was for at the last second. Say exactly what you mean and who you intended to read it the first time.
    I’m really over Twitter.

    • Yvette

      Me too!

    • Huck@PopeandAssociates

      Amen! I can’t with Tamar period. I’ve never watched her show but I do blog hop, her antics, that wig and the man who can’t close his mouth uughh!

    • kierah

      For that matter, everyone shouldn’t feel like all tweets are about them.

  • Yvette

    I think Tamar and K. Michelle BOTH need to stop with the constant back and forth and just sing. All this extra foolishness is so ridiculous. Act like the grown women you say you are!

  • LC

    …but why did she have to mention Beyonce?