Gut Check: 14 Ways Your Body Tells You You’re With The Wrong Man

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Even if you don’t want to face it, even if you’ve already decided that your partner is perfect for X, Y and Z reasons, your body will not let you deny the truth: some matches aren’t actually made in heaven. When you’re with the wrong person, the strain that disconnect takes on you emotionally will start to rear its ugly head physically. Here are 14 ways your body is telling you you’re with the wrong partner and it’s time to cut ties immediately.

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You lack natural moisture

This should be a surefire sign you don’t feel connected to your partner. If your vajayjay is failing to self-lubricate consistently, that means you don’t feel completely trusting of or bonded to your partner. For some women, dryness is just a medical condition, but if you’re young and/or totally healthy, and with the right partner, your va-jay-jay should be ready to go when that partner comes around.

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You can’t sleep well next to him

In order to fall asleep, you need to feel totally relaxed and nurtured. But your body won’t feel nurtured if you’re sharing your bed with a partner who doesn’t totally understand you, connect to you and take care of you in the ways you need. An overall feeling of wellbeing is essential for falling asleep, but it’s impossible next to the wrong partner.

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You’re experiencing heightened anxiety

If you’ve never struggled with anxiety before, but suddenly find yourself dealing with it regularly, this is your body’s way of acting out when you have let tons of negative thoughts or concerns pile up without addressing them. For example thoughts like, “Wow, my partner and I have very different view points on that crucial subject…” or “My partner doesn’t seem to care about my career.” Unresolved issues can amass, and come out in a giant, obscure cloud of anxiety.

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You’re backed up

There is a major connection between your brain and your gastrointestinal tract. If something’s wrong emotionally or you’re going through stress, your intestines fail to move in the way that they should and you can get constipated.

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You’re tired all the time, even if you’re sleeping

Even if you are sleeping enough, grappling with indecisive thoughts all day like “Am I investing years into a partner that I perhaps shouldn’t marry?” will exhaust you. The right partner energizes you.

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You have an uncontrollable appetite

Studies have found that stress can directly affect your appetite and, in most cases, will make you feel hungrier.

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You have no appetite

Of course, if you fall on the other end of the spectrum where emotional trauma overrides all your physical needs and you’re too busy worrying to notice your stomach rumbling, your appetite may have shrunk.

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You can’t “you know”

Just like you need to feel relaxed, at peace, and connected to your partner to self-lubricate, you also need all those components to climax. No matter how “good in bed” your partner is, there’s nobody as good as a man you feel deeply bonded to. And if you don’t, your body will not respond how you want.

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You get the shakes

If you find yourself dealing with uncontrollable shakes around your partner, this could mean your body is going into Fight or Flight mode around that partner, and the adrenaline is causing you to shake. But that is not a mode your body should go in around the person you’re considering marrying!

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You’re getting a lot of colds

When you’re under emotional stress or feel you’re in a state of emotional unrest regularly, your immune system is weakened and you’re more susceptible to colds, flus and other viruses and infections.

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Your blood pressure has risen

Similar to the anxiety issue, if you have important questions or issues that you’re putting off facing (again, “Is this really the person I want to raise kids with?”) your blood pressure will take a hit.

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You have lower back pain

A lot of us carry emotional weight and stress in our lower back, and that area will start to sing if you don’t face your problems.

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You don’t feel like exercising

If you’re with the wrong partner, you’re not motivated to be your best self, and often the first thing to go is your willingness to work on your body.

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You’re healing slowly

Research has shown that those healing from an injury or infection and are in a good emotional state heal quicker than those in a negative emotional state.

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