How Subliminal Messages On Social Media Affect Your Relationship

November 4, 2013  |  


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By now, almost everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Keek, Instagram, Vine, etc., so with all these social media outlets how does it fair in love?  I feel like social media has taken over our lives!  When you are friends with the guy or girl you are seeing, you scour their Facebook activity to see who is commenting the most on their statuses and if they are of the opposite sex; beware this may cause an issue with your new mate!

I have stayed away from having my mate on my Facebook and if they were on it before we started dating I remove them as a friend.  I know most would say by my doing this I will automatically cause a trust issue for my mate, but I don’t feel that it should cause a trust issue. I am trying to prevent the jealousy issue people have when they see men comment or like my status and I have no problem showing my partner my Facebook page when we are together.

I’ve seen so many relationships end because of a comment someone made on a Facebook status.  No one can control what other people put on their Facebook or Twitter.  So there is no reason to get upset about every little comment!  Now if your mate says something back that is discerning or flirty, then you can tell your partner you are not ok with what they put as a response.

I think social media has made things harder for people to date and married couples are now making a Facebook page with both of their names, which to me is a waste of time.  Why create a new page?  That is just time consuming and everyone on your Facebook should know you are married already!  And if they don’t, then those people aren’t privy to your life and shouldn’t have access to it anyway.

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