When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: 15 Of The Worst Break-Up Moves Ever Pulled

October 8, 2013  |  
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We don’t know anyone who hasn’t lost their cool at some point during a breakup. But a broken heart is no reason to go HAM. Got more break up don’ts? Let’s hear ’em in the comments section.

Watch Waiting to Exhale

Don’t let these fictional women get you in trouble. A match and a yard sale can have a lot of consequences in the real world.

Act a Fool In Public

“You think I won’t act a fool in this restaurant?!” Please don’t. Just grit your teeth, ask for the check and chew him out on the way home.

Listen to Blu Cantrell

If you go to Nieman Marcus on a shopping spree-ah, then a court case or jail time you’ll see-ah.

Burn Up His Stuff

Friends don’t let friends pick up a match. That’s a house fire just waiting to happen. Remember Left Eye’s drama?

Rage Out and Say Something You’ll Regret

There’s no reason to bring his fat mama or that dead tooth into this. No one ever regretted taking the high road.

Log On to Facebook

You’ll regret all that ugliness tomorrow, but Facebook posts are forever.

Get the Bleach

Bleaching his clothes is a classic break-up move. But you don’t want to have to explain that vandalism conviction to your next employer.

Get His Lights Cut Off

We all know this girl. She knows his address and his social and now she’s on the phone to get his electricity, gas and cell phone cut off. It’s not a good look and it’s probably a crime.

Drunk Text Him at 3AM

Just remember this rhyme: Give the phone to a friend before the shots go in. Otherwise, you’ll end up at his place and feeling embarrassed in the morning.

Shade the Side Chick

The side piece’s sloring ways will come back to bite her in the end. He’s the one that betrayed your trust, save all that anger for him.

Flirt With His Friends

This is not a good look for either of you.

Head to the Salon

Never make a major decision when you’re in an emotional state. You’ll still be rocking the Bernadette break-up ‘do long after you’re feeling much better.

Pop Up At All the Spots

…and his house and his mama’s house and the spot you saw his car at that one time. It’s over. Give it time to breathe.

Demand Answers

Save that four page letter and the teary calls at 2am. Sometimes it’s just over. You might be demanding answers that he doesn’t have.

Get Physical

We know you’re seeing red but use your words.

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