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After your man pops the question, you’ll be flashing that left hand whenever you can and bringing up the proposal story every chance you get. But you won’t be the only one acting a little silly after getting engaged. Here are 14 little ways your guy might change after popping the question. Don’t worry; they’re not permanent.

He’ll be more careful with money

The reality will settle in that, pretty soon, he could be funding the lives of two people, not to mention putting money down on a home or buying tons of furniture to renovate the current one to make it more “marriage friendly.” Don’t be surprised if your guy starts to take longer to make financial decisions.

He’ll parade you around more

Once a man makes a decision, he is proud of that decision. Your guy might go into overdrive with introducing you to every person he even just vaguely knows at any bar, restaurant, party, gas station—you name it. And he’ll be sure to introduce you as “my fiancé.”


He’ll stare at you a lot

Again, men are proud of their decisions! You’ll probably catch your guy just staring at you a lot when you’re doing nothing special at all with a dignified grin on his face.

He’ll be okay talking about weddings

The topic of weddings might have weirded him out before you got engaged, either because he didn’t want to lead you on, or because he didn’t want to give away the surprise that he was going to pop the question soon. But once he’s proposed, your fiancé will be much more at ease talking about weddings.

He’ll take a bigger interest in your friends

Hey—those are guests he’ll probably be paying for to dine on filet mignon at your wedding. But besides that, your guy will suddenly realize that your friends are now a real part of his social circle, and he’ll take a greater interest in them than he ever did.

He’ll invite your parents around more

The more they like him, the more inclined they might be to help pay for the wedding…But also, they’re going to be his second set of parents now! He wants to know what he’s getting himself into.

He’ll be more familiar with your family

He might start calling your dad “Pop” or just making crude humor around your parents he never would have before. He will start to behave more like a son than a houseguest.

He’ll ask to be with you all the time

For a short time, engaged couples feel a heightened bond. Your new fiancé might start asking you to meet in the middle of the day even for just a 30-minute lunch break—whatever he can get—for the first few weeks after getting engaged.

He’ll be more critical of your family

While your guy wants to get closer to your family now, he’ll also feel more entitled to pointing out what’s wrong with them. It’s almost his family too, and we all know how brutally honest we can be about family.

He’ll talk to his dad more

Up until now, your fiancé just saw his father as dad. But now he considers his other large role in life: husband. Your fiancé will probably start hanging with his dad more, simply to get some understanding of what sort of husband he should be, or could be.


He’ll be more sensitive during fights

Men don’t really consider the possibility of “forever” with a woman until they’re engaged. Women, however, consider during every fight — from date one — “Is this something I can live with?” Now, your guy will start to think like that, and might freak out a bit more over small issues.

He’ll seem stressed

Planning a wedding is stressful! And men don’t handle stress as well as women do; they just don’t. He might be short with you at times, or get irritated when you ask him to make simple decisions, like what to eat for dinner, because he is making wedding decisions all day.


He’ll come to your defense more

Suddenly your fiancé will become very aware that your reputation is directly tied to his reputation, and he might start stepping in to fight your battles for you or defend your honor more than he used to.

He might party harder…for a bit

And then of course, when the panic sets in that he’s about to “settle down,” your guy might want to prove that nothing will change in married life by raging with his friends every weekend. But this will pass.

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