Disappear Day: Why Every Woman Needs One

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I’m infamous for taking “Me Days,” which I affectionately call “E Days” because my name is Erica. Maybe it sounds corny or even self-absorbed, but they are much needed days that I truly believe every woman should have to pamper herself and do things that she enjoys; but taking it a bit further, I recently took a day where I did absolutely nothing, with absolutely no one. In fact, I didn’t take calls for the majority of the day. In essence, I was missing from the world, to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul. Yes, for one day I decided to disappear.

Sounds a bit risky for women who have responsibilities, right? Well, you actually have to plan for it. Take care of business before the day and let everyone know that you will be out of commission for most of it–or don’t tell them, whichever you decide. The point of it is just to get away from everything that consumes your days. You won’t be able to get advice, opinions, criticisms, complaints, or even compliments from anyone else. Everything that you do will ultimately come from you. It’s a day to be alone, totally alone. And I truly believe, every once in a while all women need a day like this.

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed. A lot of times we take on more than we can handle and don’t have the time to figure out what things we should keep in our lives and those that need to be eliminated. After all, we’re too busy to think! Life becomes a chaotic routine with hardly any time for rejuvenation. The only time we allow ourselves to rest and relax is when we are asleep, and for some, even that time is questionable.

A day for you to disappear and spend only time with yourself will allow you to gather your thoughts, face your insecurities, answer questions that you’ve been too busy to even ask yourself. It’s a day when you get YOU together. Turn off the phone and don’t check your email. Just focus on you.

If it sounds like too much to handle for the busy-body, opt for a few hours instead of an entire day; but you owe yourself some serious alone time to focus solely on you. And as selfish as it sounds, everyone will benefit from a person who has taken time to rejuvenate. You will (or at least should) come out feeling more calm, peaceful, and tranquil.

For one day, just disappear, girl!

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