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So now it makes sense why Future and Ciara have been out here talking about ‘He’s my King’ and getting each other’s initials tattooed on their hands. The 29-year-old rapper and singer, also known orginally as Nayvadius, says that the Queen of the Matrix, aka, the Queen of Crunk and B, is THE one. Not just any chick he’s messing with at the moment, but the girl he’s ready to be married to and have kids with. At least, that’s what he told Angie Martinez on Hot 97 late last night, and he seemed serious (or at least his voice did…). Here’s what he said during their interview about coming across the singer seven years ago while hanging with rapper Rocko and knowing that she was going to be his girl, even though he wasn’t a fan of her music:

Future: “It wasn’t like I met her and everything stopped…It’s crazy, me and my brother Rocko we was riding. It had to be like seven years ago…and she was shooting a video on the curb. I was like, ‘Dang, she look good. I’ma have her one day.’

He was like ‘Man, stop and say something to her.’ I said ‘Naw I ain’t gonna say nothing to her, but I’ma be with her one day.’ That was seven years ago and I was saying that and it ended up happening. But I never met her, never listened to any of her songs, never read up on her, it wasn’t, I’m not one of those guys–”

Martinez: “You weren’t a stalker?”

Future: “I’m not a stalker. I was caught up in my world, my life, and it ended up happening. But words are powerful. She’ll tell you the same story just like that. It wasn’t no pressure, no pressing her because he (Rocko) was with Monica at the time and they had a relationship where they knew her. She would be around them. He knew her so I could have met her. But then I was like, ‘Naw I’m good.’ He was like, ‘You sure you don’t wanna meet her?’ I was like, ‘Naw, but I’ma be with her one day.'”

Martinez: “Is this it? Are you going to be married with children? Is this it?”

Future: “Aye, it’s it. This it. I don’t get into nothing to get out.”

Martinez: “Have you set a date?”

Future: “Nope, we haven’t set a date.”

Martinez: “But this is the one?”

Future: “This the one.”

Martinez: “Did you know right away?”

Future: “Yep! Like I said, I said it before…seven years ago, so for it to come around and happen, it was just meant to be.”

We know that Ciara is somewhere cheesing it up about what he’s told Martinez, but we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the couple. They’re definitely cute! And who doesn’t love a man professing his love for his lady? See his full interview with Martinez on the next page!

Do you see these two walking down the aisle?

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